Saturday, March 22, 2008

Turn Their Eyes; Turn Their Hearts

There has been some buzz in the blogging world lately regarding soft porn placed within plain sight of innocent grocery shoppers.
The specific magazine to draw this attention is a Sports Illustrated "swimsuit" issue, and if you've seen it, you know the problem.
If you haven't, first congratulate yourself, and then let me say that the woman on th cover "Doesn't leave much for guessing" (as my Grama used to like to say).

I haven't had the energy to get worked up about these kinds of issues lately. Not to say I'm proud of that, but I seem to have enough battles to fight right inside my home without looking for more work for myself elsewhere.
Honestly, I think have resigned myself to the fact that the grocery store is as much a part of the world as any other public place I go. I'm getting to where I expect the World's imprint to be there too, hence one reason we don't spend much time out and about.
Some might shout the objection that "we can make a difference!", others might argue that it's a losing battle.

Now going out on a limb...

I believe most of us would agree on what I have to say next.
What we are each most concerned about is the hearts of our children. That's why seeing this kind of filth is an outrage!
We KNOW that the enemy of our souls is ready to snatch our children's innocence, and our husbands minds. We shouldn't be naive about that!

I propose that what is most important for our children to see, is not fewer number of naked ladies, but they need to see how passionately we love and honor the Lord, and how seriously we take the spiritual battle that is raging.

Is it important that our Grocery stores remove these images? If we can get them to, then by all means! But if not, our own witness to our children, is going to have a greater effect on their lives than whatever our secular society dishes out!

So I say: Talk to the store managers, make a scene if necessary - your children will only know how crazy this is if you let it be known. Publicly show honor and give glory to a Holy God!!
If that doesn't produce results you can see...
Turn the magazine around, shamelessly put a pie tin, or bottle of 409 in front of it, and remember that we battle not against flesh and blood, and you are scoring for the Kingdom of God as you set an example of righteousness for your children to witness!

I have no intention of drawing my children's attention to the bizarre stuff at check-out stands. I'm merely suggesting that even in your gentle and kind battling, your children will become aware over the course of your life, of what was important to you.
(This is a pep-talk for me, actually, and I can't wait to see that magazine again so I can "have my turn") As it turns out, I haven't noticed it for the past couple weeks, and I suspect that someone was bold enough to stand up for righteousness.
For all of you who do, I am deeply grateful! Thank you.


Suzanne said...

Well said, Analene. None of my children know about the magazine, or my complaints. Had they been with me, I would not have dared to draw their attention to it.

I had the luxury of time and independence on those days. That is not usually the case.

There are three fronts on which we fight these battles, I believe: To be a purifying salt and light, to train ourselves and our children to guard our eyes and minds, and the third you touched on today- above all, guard your heart, for out of it spring forth the issues of life.

None should be neglected, the third is certaintly the most important:)


Mama K. said...

AMEN sis! I appreciate your thoughts and agree with them wholeheartedly. Thanks for the reminder on taking action!