Saturday, December 6, 2008

Baby Scents

I pulled this fuzzy little ball over on my lap this morning after Daddy placed her on the bed beside me. Burying my nose in her neck I was taken by the familiar smell of baby.

This morning it was banana and Cheerios, but what about the aroma of grahm cracker?
There are other baby scents of course, some not so lovely, but my favorite of all-time is the newly bathed baby smell.
This one I haven't sniffed for a while, but hope to this evening:-)

At present there are seven smallish children picking up a sea of legos so both our families can leave the house to enjoy the sun-drenched December day we see peeking in through the blinds.
I'm hoping we'll run off a ton of steam, enjoy each other's company,take some pictures, spend a teensie weensie bit of money, and then come home to crash!

I'll let you know how it all plays out!!:-)


MamaJ said...

Oh, I love baby scents! I was just snuggling with my little ball o' baby a minute ago! Enjoy your day!

gramsie said...

That is what I miss...scents, sounds of laughter, warmth of hugs, soft moist kisses...loved the pic. Have a joyous day in the sunshine!

Lady Jess said...

I miss that smell! My little brother and sisters just grow up so fast.

Ashley said...

I love baby scents!

Mama K. said...

I LOVE that picture of's so precious.

Katrina said...

Ohhh... your blog is SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! I'm so glad I found you and hope you don't mind if I come by lots.

I love what you wrote on this post about wonderful baby scents and what a gorgeous picture.

Diane said...

So did you get to enjoy some sunshine?

Momma Bug said...

Katrina, it is a pleasure to meet you and an honor that you come visit!
Come often!!

The sun teased us, and promptly dissapeared behind clouds as soon as we went out and it was COLD!!
We did have a nice time though:-)