Tuesday, December 2, 2008

That Was a DATE?

I got the nicest date today with my husband ALONE! (gasp!)
I would not have ventured out just yet, but needed to get some blood work done.
That counts for a date in MY book!

One of the nurses I saw today asked how many pregnancies I've had (seven), and how many children I have living (five). Turning away from protocol for a moment, she asked the ages of my crew and if I had a picture of them.

Oh NO! My moment of glory - a chance to show off my absent children and NO PICTURE?!!

"7, 6, 4, 2, and 1" I told her "and I'm afraid I don't have a picture. I never go anywhere without my children! I suppose if I'm going to start, I'd better carry a picture of them for proof!"

AJ says we will promptly go back to taking them everywhere again. We like it better that way:-) But for today... we enjoyed a quiet lunch at Olive Garden (looked right past that pepperoncinni), and my Dearest bought me another battery charger for my camera battery which I have been sorely missing for a couple weeks. I am VERY excited about that, and you can expect to see pictures once again starting tomorrow!!!!!
What do you want to see pictures of? I'm happy to oblige:-)
Also, I'd love to hear what strange outings constitute a "date" with your beloved - TELL ALL!

Thank you each for your continued prayers. Thank you for your encouragements here and on my other blog. Thank you, brother for calling me today; Kelly, for YOUR call; Mrs. Smith for watching my hoodlums once again; and all you visitors to my blog who never say hello - your presence blesses me too!

All my heart,


Ashley said...

I would love to see pictures of the kiddos!

gramsie said...

What do I want to see pictures of???!!! First, dear Ana, a picture of you--I just have this "need to see you are ok for myself" thing....Then, well...you know...I can just never get enough pictures of those little faces so dear to my heart...

2homeschool said...

Your toes


Well, that will teach you to ask.


Jenny said...

It's great to hear you sound so energetic. I'm glad you had a good day. I imagine you are quite tired tonight. I will continue to pray for your swift recovery.

Mama K. said...

I had the same situation with the pictures happen to me as well. Like you, I'm always with the girls, and yet the ONE time you don't have them right by your side is the time someone asks to see a picture! At first I felt bad that I didn't carry pictures with me, and then I realized that I didn't need them (and that was a happy thought!) :)

Lady Jess said...

Oh, how wonderful. I know my parents treasure it when they get to get away alone and just have 'fun' (so grown-ups call it.

Mommy Reg said...

A trip to the blood lab would be a date in my book too. =D Daddy Reg and I go grocery shopping on our dates with a trip to a place with a dollar menu. I don't carry any pics of our little kiddos either cause I never go anywhere without them either. ;)
I am so glad you are feeling better and good enough to go out for a nice lunch. God is glorious in all his goodness.

Diane said...

Last week Nate and I had a "date" to the eye doctor. I took him to the Costco eye doctor, so after getting his eyes checked, and picking out glasses, we purused Costco for a bit, picked up some soup for dinner and then headed home for a quiet evening with out Costco soup!

So glad you got out even for a little bit for blood work and lunch. Keep building your strength up!

Oh ya, and as far as pics go...some of YOU please! And of course the kiddos too. Their faces are too adorable to resist!
Love you Analene.

Faith Alterton said...

For a date? Goodness. Anything with two or less children. We usually have at least a baby with us. Honestly, I love grocery shopping with Nathan, or Christmas shopping. Though with family so far babysitters are harder to come by. Oh, and those long stretches on car rides when the littles are there technically, but are belted in count as dates. It's a treat to have so much time to just talk with each other. :)

indueseason said...

I'm so happy for you, Analene! Time alone with your husband counts as a date no matter where you go. Mr. Neighbor and I have had dates in the hospital cafeteria. And I agree with Faith, long drives in the car - uninterrupted time together to just talk. It's wonderful!
Have you gotten the results from your blood work? I pray that your health continues to improve each day.

Loving you . . . .
Mrs. Neighbor

Momma Bug said...

HA! Yes long car rides... children belted down!!
I completely agree:-)

No Mrs. Neighbor, I haven't gotten blood work results back - I'm supposed to call on Friday.
Hoping for a good word at that time, but at least they won't have me trapped in a doctors office when I hear from them.
There's something nice about being ambiguous and being able to hang up the receiver!!

I actually got to do some school with the children (a big thank you Lord!) and got a lengthy rest this afternoon. I'm feeling better and better:-)

Christmas shopping though Faith???
I LOVE AJ, but it is a very rare kind of shopping that constitutes as a date! :-D

princessmama said...

Hi:) I'm working on reading "May" but had to see your latest entry.

Our dates often consist of a walk and a coffee. One time we went shopping for tile for our shower, that was a loooonng evening let me tell you lol. Really anything where grandma has the kids and we're happy to be together is a date :-)

What kind of camera do you have? I'm very curious. I'm scheming on stealing (har har) half our tax return for a new one. I have a specific one in mind and have been drooling over it.

Angela said...

I agree with whoever said a date is when you have two or less children with you. Our oldest two are actually old enough to babysit. We still normally have the baby with us even if the other four stay at home. We just love being together. So, running errands and things like that are dates for us. Even when the children used to stay over at Grandma's we'd usually end up getting take-out and staying home. More fun! Oh, I'd love to see more photos of your property in Idaho.

Momma Bug said...

It's going to be a little hard to GET any new pictures of Idaho while we are on the East coast, but I do have a couple in Colorado that I'll post when I get there in a few weeks. We actually caught the first snow of the season - so that was very beautiful!!

You know...
AJ and I have a "date" almost every night after the children are tucked into bed.
How delightful to party EVERY DAY!!! It makes it hard to find something "special" to do on special occasions:-)
The other night we curled up in bed with the lap top and watched Indiana Jones:-)

princessmama said...

I love the "dates" after the kids are in bed. Nate works evenings so the weekend evenings are very cherished!

Photo Momma said...

Wow, a date almost every night after the kids are in bed? I am jealous! I know things will get better (they already have!) but right now I am exhausted most nights by the time I get my babies in bed. Anna likes to stay up until 10:00 or so and then I am quick to go to bed as well. Caleb goes to bed early though so we used to enjoy dates frequently in the evening... Anyway, interesting dates? Jason and I would take advantage of trips to the doctor to go out to eat or get some shopping done. And yes, that counts as a date. We were going to go on a real date this summer (I say real because it was planned that we were getting a babysitter and going out to eat) but our freezer broke. We ended up still going out to eat, but most of our date was spent looking at a new fridge/freezer. Still fun, but not quite what I had in mind! I HATE spending large sums of money.