Monday, December 1, 2008

My Job is Being Downsized

I don't know about all this "Husband changing all the diapers, and cooking a knock-out dinner, and getting all the children in jammies and tucked into bed for the night" junk.
He might not need me anymore, and that is just unacceptable!!

After all he just went through to keep me, and now this!

Thank you for your prayers for Carolina. I remembered to try juice.
Juice was the silver bullet! Apparently it was a compromise she was willing to make. For now.
Whatever works, I say! It's good to see her really hydrated again.

Now I'm off to chocolate rice crispies treats (did I mention "cookies" in the above rant about the guy who is replacing me?!)

So anyway, if I'm out of a job, I might as well enjoy the company of the cute guy who is taking over my position. He likes to cuddle up close for a good movie, and I can take that sort of thing.
I do what I can;-)

Life's pretty good over all!


Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...

Sounds wonderful sis! I am so glad that AJ is spoiling you so...YOU are ever so worthy of a good spoiling! =)

Diane said...

You do so much so enjoy the spoiling for just a little bit! It is hard to be down and watch others do your job - I know! But I am so happy to hear you are in such good hands. I can't believe you are doing to good keeping up blogging again! Nice job. Missing hearing from you. Praying for you still! Love ya.