Monday, December 29, 2008

Under the Weather... Even Though it's Sunny Outside!

Definitely got the bug the children have.
It's not a nice one, but thankfully it's not a stomach flu!

In the interest of your goodwill in coming to visit me (even when I'm sick), I'm going to refer you to my new girlfriend in Tasmania: Jess.

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I am a homemaker here in sunny Tasmania! I have three children, Erin born August 2004 and William (Billy) born June 2006 and Christopher born October 2007. I have one husband who is fantastic and have decided to keep forever.

Some of you know her already, but if you've never met, go read this post she wrote the other day.
Jess has a good word for we ladies who are caring for our little ones while attempting to captivate the hearts of our husbands. I was blessed and I know you will be too!

Thanks Jess! I'm glad to have you for friend and Sister:-)

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princessmama said...

:'( Hope you all feel better soon.