Friday, December 5, 2008

New Shoes

Tell me these aren't the cutest little pair of Robeez you've ever seen!
Robeez song bird taupe baby girl shoes
Gramsie got these for Miss Carolina's birthday.
We ordered a couple sizes larger than her foot now (since we were splurging), and Carolina shows no signs of walking any time soon. I think she may break the record for child who waits the longest to walk in our family. The record is fifteen months. Carolina is thirteen months, but doesn't even crawl yet! I don't know about her. I have to tell you though, that not having her mobile has made my life easier by extreme degree's lately!!

I'll just count my blessings:-)


Morgan said...

Those are SO cute! We love cute baby shoes and it's one of our splurges.

Ashley said...

I LOVE birds. Those are so cute!

Life throws you surprises! said...

I am so glad to know that I am not the only one with late walkers. My 14 month old now isn't walking but is crawling. The next up from her didn't walk all the time until she was 18 months.

Momma Bug said...

Thanks Life,

That is an encouragement to me as well!!
She seems okay. AJ and I were laughing the other day about her slowness, and I offered to take her in to the doctor to be diagnosed with something:-)
You know they'd put a label on her for me, if I took her in!

No thanks!

Lady Jess said...

Oh! Those ARE the cutest.

Mama K. said...

Those are seriously the cutest shoes!!! Oh Mylanta!