Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boys and Blood

Where there are boys there is bound to be some blood.
Thankfully it's been ONLY boys who have sported the blood, and thankfully the wounds haven't been worthy of much more than due recognition!

The trampoline has been a big hit on sunny days. Susanna and sometimes Olivia and Isabella have been frequent participants in the games and shenanigans that the boys invent, but this trampoline has also been the cause of some of the recent bloodshed around here.
(Sorry, no pictures;-))

For instance, Zack ran in the other day calling for me with animation:
"Mom, MOM! Clay has a bloody nose and it's bleeding ALL OVER THE PLACE!"

As you might imagine, I am not moving too fast right now, so calmly said:
"Zack. Get him some tissue out of the bathroom."

Zack: "But MOM! Blood is going everywhere..."

Me: "Zack - no buts. Get some tissue."

So Zack finally gathers the tissue and returns to the aid of his brother, bringing Dad with him to check for broken bones.
Clayton appeared soon after in all the glory of a blood splattered shirt, and I gave him the fore mentioned "due recognition". How exciting!!!

Mrs. Smith to me after: You should have heard yourself - my friend is SO COOL! You were all calm and like, "get your brother some tissue". I love it!

So that was MY son, but not a day later I was sitting at the kitchen table, and heard Mrs. Smith's second born son come into the house crying. His lip was bleeding pretty good, but Mrs. Smith says:

"Whoa... quick quick quick buddy - get over the sink. I don't want blood dripping on the floor."

(she really SAID that! I think she's the stuff legend mother's are made of)

Anyway, the fella bit all the way through his lip, mother was completely calm, and I think she succeeded in keeping the blood off the carpet! Who's friend is SO COOL?!

Now don't feel too bad. These guys love the attention and glory that blood brings with it, so once that's been satiated, they happily return to their play!

For the record, all the girls have gotten some hard knocks too, and haven't been cry-babies.
Theses kids have been the most awesome-est crew ever. So much for "cool friends", these two friends have the COOLEST CHILDREN EVER!!!
I love 'em all dearly:-)


Lady Jess said...

Oh, so fun. I wish I had a trampoline :( lol. You are so right, blood&boys they go hand in hand. ;)

Ashley said...

Boys and Blood. Don't I know that they go hand in hand! Lol. Thank you for the pictures!

Diane said...

Boys will be boys! But the calm part...I only hope and pray I can be that way when I have kids and this happens!