Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Each Unique

Last night we made a run to Raleigh (about an hour away) for a family outing to Costco.
That IS where you take your family for an outing, isn't it?!
Unfortunately there were zero taste testers out last night, and I was very hungry.
Fortunately we ate dinner at Qdoba - which would have been nicer if Carolina hadn't decided to throw a hissy fit about not getting food right when she thought she should have it. Some things are a little hard to explain to a one-year-old.

After that we went to the grocery store.
Each of the three older children had scrounged up some coins and dollars, and had permission to pick out whatever they wanted to buy within the means of each.

Here's how it went, and let it paint a picture for you of the personality of each.

Zachary had 10 dollars.
He went straight to the produce section and picked out some exotic fruits to try: a Plantain, some kumquats, and a pear.
He spent less than 2 of his 10 dollars.
Efficient, practical, healthy? And thrifty too!

Susanna knew before we hit the store, that she wanted to buy a soda.
A soda.
And she reminded us with complete assurance that she was going to buy a soda!
She spied the soda vending machines outside the store, and wasn't the least bit distracted by all the candy we passed, waiting patiently until we had made our other purchases.
We read the choices to her, and she hesitated not in choosing grape soda. Grape was all out, so she quickly turned her sights on Ginger Ale and never looked back!
She was a happy happy camper holding her green can all the hour-long drive home.

Clayton had to peruse the whole store, and was asking the price of every item as we went.
He wanted to buy something he could share with the Smith and Tjaden children.
Share his loot. That is Clayton, my big-hearted one!
He finally settled on a large package of jelly belly type jelly beans which exceded his four dollar budget by several cents. That is Clayton too - not shy to spend every last penny on others.
He has really enjoyed reading off all the flavors, and trying to identify which jelly bean goes with which name.

Each of the children had to wait 'till today to eat any of their loot, and though Clay carried around his package all day, I think he forgot to actually OPEN it until I tucked him in to bed tonight ;-)
Zack ate everything but the plantain, discovering it wasn't quite ripe yet,
and Susanna savored every last drop of her soda throughout the day!
I sure took pleasure in watching each one make their purchase, and then enjoy it.

How different they each are.


princessmama said...

They're so sweet. All of them :) I love watching kids personalities and how they affect all their decisions.

Katrina said...

No kidding... and so sweet, too. Kids are so fun, eh? There's always something to smile about. :o)

Ashley said...

So sweet. It is funny seeing what each different little one picks out when they have their own money to spend.

angela said...

It's so funny to see how one child can be so decisive and one of the others needs to ponder each thing. I love those times when you get a greater glimpse of what makes each one of them tick.