Friday, December 19, 2008

Strange Way to Spend the Day

Apparently a full day of traveling two days ago took the starch out of me, because this is what I've had to resort to while I catch up on some rest:

A very good way to increase motherly guilt - especially during the school year.
One of my best friend's reminded me that it's silly to try and do the normal tasks as I continue to recover from that surgery.
I think I'm especially lagging because of the blood loss. Other than that, and still being a little sore, I am feeling great!

Despite the setback of my laziness, I DID manage to bathe three little girls who needed their hair washed.
Seeing Carolina in the mirror offered a temptation I could not resist. Eventually the camera revolted and told me there was no room left on the memory card. O' well. I got a couple... at least!

We joined Daddy Bug for a company Christmas dinner tonight.
It was held at a Japanese steakhouse, and ended up being quite fun actually!
We sat at a bar counter around a grill, and watched the chef cook our dinner in front of us.
It was rather like a show, with him tossing an egg (still in the shell) and catching it in his hat after throwing it in the air a few times; setting the olive oil on fire, and juggling the cooking utensils!
Carolina was especially preoccupied and completely forgot to wiggle and complain in between bites:-)

Tomorrow off to spend some time with our friends in Missouri... can't wait to see them!


2homeschool said...

Company christmas dinner huh??? That doesn't sound like resting to me. Although, maybe if you take into account you didn't have to cook and it came with a show... Maybe.

I hope it was fun. At least not stressful.

Lots of love,
And lots of rest,

TasJess said...

They are all so precious! We have had far too much TV time in the last few weeks, I figure over their whole life it will even out! A season for all things :)

Anonymous said...

That is one of Mr. King's *favorite* restaurants. We went twice while in HI on a business trip.

Sweetie, there's no guilt in taking care of yourself. It's okay to have a movie day, or week! Clearly you don't do it all the time - I can tell by how attentive *all* the children are to what they're watching. Then there's the educational videos. Kent Hovind, sign language, history, historical fiction, etc. You know, they're learning all the time anyway - it doesn't have to be structured right now. Take a break, however long it needs to be (a month? two?). You'll heal better and faster without stress and guilt. Father will guide you each day. Rest in Him. You're an excellent mama!!

I love you and miss you tons!!!!
Mrs. King

jenny said...

cute cute cute! oh no, a homeschooler who had her children watch a movie--gasp! hee hee can i tell you i am so glad to see i am not the only one who can't post every day!

take it easy...


princessmama said...

Don't call yourself lazy girl!!! Blood loss is a doozy, I know! You have to give yourself lots of grace for a while. :-)

Those shots of Carolina are adorable. :-)

Love ya

betty said...

Really We love your blog!
Our best wishes for You and yours!
Merry Christmas! BICOS!

2homeschool said...

Merry Christmas to you!

Merry Christmas to you!

Merry Christmas dear lene,

Merry Christmas to you!