Monday, December 8, 2008


Dozens and dozens and dozens of pictures, and this is what the majority of them look like!
(pretty fun actually)

Very true to life, and it's a shame not to post some of the outtakes of our photo shoots, since THIS IS LIFE! Isn't it silly when we see a great Christmas picture of some family or other, and actually BELIEVE that was the only shot they took?!!!

These guys are hilarious! Hope your Christmas is full and blessed... and full of great family pictures!


Angela said...

I'll be taking some Christmas pictures of the children later this week. It's always fun-especially looking through all the goofy ones!

jenny said...

ah yes! the more children, the more variables...we took what seemed like a thousand, i will post ours tomorrow. the bugletts are super duper cute!!!

Katrina said...

So true, I have to take at least a dozen pictures every time I want to get a good one of all three boys together!

BTW, Thanks for stopping by my blog! My boys are age 7 (tomorrow) age 5 (on Jan.20,09) and age 3 (as of Oct. 08).