Sunday, December 28, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Six years ago this morning (the 28th of December), I was holding my second born son who had been kind enough to wait until after Christmas to make his debut!

I was nine centimeters dilated when we arrived at the hospital late at night, and he came so fast that when Grama and Uncle Char got to the hospital to wait... the action was already over, and I was serenely tucked into bed with my new baby.

Enough about me tho'! ;-)

A patient fella who waited until after nine o clock this morning to open his gifts because his ol' folks were sleeping in.

Unfortunately, everyone is fairly ill with some kind of respiratory flu. I did not insist that anyone pose (or smile) for pictures. I thought it better not to press my luck!

However by God's mercy, Clayton has been the least sick and was able to really enjoy his birthday cards from Granny and Aunt Darlene, his new artists set, a game of Stratigo, and Kung Fu Panda movie!

The day was a happy one while rather uneventful, and I think my little boy (who is sunshine!) was satisfied and content.

Other things of note:

*We ate hot dogs for lunch per Clays request, and I suspect that it's possibly the birthday meal requests of six-year-old boys who keep the hot dog industry succesful!

*Clayton shared his Stratigo game with me, and I actually won! This was very exciting for me, though probably not so much for the birthday boy, because that guy uses strategy, and I am not a strategy person.
His consolation (so I overheard him telling Uncle Charlie) was that I won because I had been taking notes on his "stragedy" :-)

*Dad made the birthday cake!

*I made the frosting:-)

*We had Pizza for dinner, again per Clay's request.
Dad was kind enough to go buy take-out since we were all sick and I didn't know who would eat it once all the work had gone into making it. So thanks Dear One!
(And I know what you are thinking... Chicken soup would have been a better idea, but if YOU looked into the big blue eyes I had to confront, you'd have done the same thing!)

*I was right.
...About the pizza - it was picked at by all the sick ones.
However it did not stop them from tasting a teensy-weensy piece of cake!!!

I love you dearest Clayton Praise!


Lady Jess said...

Oh, Happy Birthday!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Clay!!!

jenny said...

awww thanks for sharing! he looks very pleased! 6 already! sigh

princessmama said...

What a cutie:-) I know exactly what you mean about the big blue eyes!! I'd have bought pizza too.

And about the hot dogs and little boys birthdays:-) I'd have to agree with that wholeheartedly. Although it was Brannon's first time requesting hotdogs this year. Normally he asks for steak lol! He got the idea from little brother who requests not only hot dogs but a fire pit to cook them over :-) In spite of winter birthdays.

Anonymous said...

H*A*P*P*Y H*A*P*P*Y B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y C*L*A*Y*T*O*N!!

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...