Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's Next?

Have you been following along with our travels this far?
Idaho in September, to Colorado, to Kentucky, to North Carolina for and emergency blood transfusion and surgery, Thanksgiving and beyond...

Tomorrow we leave our four week stay with the Smith family to head back to Kentucky, and then to Missouri (for Christmas? Maybe).
Thee children are ready to move on, but I absolutely cannot believe that after four weeks of living together, all the children are still enjoying each other and getting along with each other BETTER than ever - if you can believe that!

As for me...
I am very melancholy about leaving. Mrs. Smith is a friend that has born with me living in her home (along with my husband and children, and myself being less than 100 %) with such amazing grace!
She has taken care of me, and my family as I have been recovering. She has made meals, cleaned up after us, loved on my children, washed laundry, filled and refilled the hand-soap bottle:-), the toilet paper, and paper plates, and ran the dishwasher non stop.
All while keeping a lovely and serene countenance, making the days fun for all, and being able to laugh at the rice on the floor, the crayon markings on the kitchen table, and the babies having meet their months poop allotment!

Dearest Friend, you bless and inspire me. It will be too long until I see you again!

Thank you.
For everything.

So here's a few more pictures tonight (somewhat out of order) of another of our Christmas adventures: assembling a Gingerbread House kit!


Photo Momma said...

What a blessing this family has been to you. This woman must have an amazing gift of hospitality and servanthood. I am sure you will miss them a lot.

fawndear said...

Thankfully there are still angels around us. Some we see and other's we don't. So glad Mrs. Smith could be an angel to you, as you've been recovering.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It helps the rest of us whiners realizes that life is a precious gift as are our trials. They help mold us into the person God intended us to be.

He has molded You, my dear into a beautiful angel as well.

Best wishes in your travels and in the upcoming Holiday.

Ashley said...

What a wonderful friend Mrs. Smith is. How special to spend so many weeks with her and her family. You are both wonderful, loving people.
Now, off to Kentucky!? :)

Lady Jess said...

Oh, what a blessing. My pastor taught a message on friends like her. It was entitled "The Midnight Friend" What friends do you have that you could go to at midnight like the man in the bible?

Ooh! Gingerbread, so cool.

DaddyReg said...

Glad to hear you are recovering and well enough to travel. Blessings.

2homeschool said...

Looks like a lot of fun!


jenny said...

awww, you will miss her and she will most certainly miss you! and we will miss the stories of your adventures. friendships like this are few and far between. i assume you're up to traveling with many little ones...love and safe travels to you all. J

Momma Bug said...

Yes yes and YES! I certainly will miss Mrs. Smith (although I rarely call her that - unless I am talking to my children):-)
She is definitely a Midnight Friend!

I think I find myself more and more grateful that I get to spend eternity with these beloved people - hopefully soon!
I'm pretty excited about that:-)