Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mom's a Case of Baskets

It's been a Call-Your-Mom-And-Have-A-Good-Cry kind of day, but I was not on friendly terms with the phone.
Instead I cried over everything, and at any time, in the presence of all, for the glory of none.
And do I even feel better for it?
Not yet. I think there's a pretty good supply of tears left in there still, and it's not even 6:00 pm!

"Why?" You ask.
Because I'm a hormonal basket case, that's why. No, I'm not pregnant, and yes, I have a small list of things that would make anyone cry today, but none of them tragic thankfully.

For all the tissue that was used up, there were some *"God Wink" moments:

At several opportune moments Olivia came over and stroked my hair "You're a good momma, Momma." she said to me.

And Zachary took it upon himself to clean the kitchen - wiping table, sweeping the floor, and washing dishes included! After that, I discovered both boys straitening the downstairs - Clayton even made my bed:-)

So here's how I know it was a hormonal day... I responded to these acts of loving kindness how?

By blindly searching for the Kleenex box through the blurred vision of yet more tears.
That's okay, tomorrow's a new day:-)

Thank you children o' mine!

*{A "God Wink" moment is courtesy of my friend Diane, who understands my tears, I think, and still we look for the Blessings that our Lord is faithful to pour out on us anyways.}

Thanks Lord;-)


Anonymous said...

Oh, Sweetie . . . . . things will get better. Know that you are loved - by your husband, by your children, by your family, by your friends old and new, and mostly by your Savior. It's okay to cry - to weep. It's okay.

Loving you . . . . .
Mrs. King

Momma Bug said...

Mrs. King - dear neighbor...

Your call was just what the doctor ordered. Thank you!

I talked to my husband right after I got off the phone with you, and he had the pleasure of a little bit saner wife.
I think;-)

I love you too.
You bless me,

Lady Jess said...

Oh, you're so sweet! It was so sweet of your fam to take it upon themselves to do all of that.

God Bless you,

2homeschool said...

Oh, deary...

I know this sounds awful... but I almost wish I was having one of those days. I could stand a good flush of the system. I am in more of the stand back and obsurve everything with unreal detatchment mood at the moment.

I just finished:
Christmas - at the in-laws.
A disagrement with my husband - at the in-laws.
Being left without my husband - at the in-laws (for four days)

Yeah, I would think I would walk away with the need for chocolote... Right?,... Nope. Nada, zip, zilch.

Maybe I am still "in the zone" tomorrow might be a whole nuther ball game.

I am sorry you didn't call me. Although mabye you did. I hadn't planned on staying a week at the in-laws so, my phone died.

I love you. I hope it gets better.


Diane said...


I am so glad you found some *God Wink* moments in there. And If I would have read this yesterday, I would have called...but I am calling you soon anyway...I am sure you read my email!

Your kids are so sweet. What a blessing. And you are a great just don't forget that!

Love you, and yes, I understand your tears. So feel free to call. I guess I haven't actually given you my numbers. I will email them to you now.

Love you!

Sisterlisa said...

I just wanted to give you a (((BIG HUG)))