Thursday, December 11, 2008

Little Lina-loo

Warning Warning: You might notice a little background noise in this video clip!
9 other children in the same room will do that occasionally:-)

It sure is nice to see those smiles again!!


princessmama said...

So cute :-) Glad she's doing better. Was it the weaning that had her down? Just checking that I'm keeping the story straight lol

Momma Bug said...

Actually yes. I think it was the fact that I disappeared for four days at a time when she was still nursing full bore.
Shell shock, I think. She and I were more joined at the hip than I realized. I don't blame her. Today was the first day in two weeks that she seemed more like her usual self.
I hope she's back to stay, and I bet it's safe to say she feels the same way about me!!

Ashley said...

Oh, she is so cute! Sam (my 18 month old brother) and I watched the video. He kept saying baby! baby! and when Lina said dadadada Sam said dada! baby! Sam thinks she's cute too. :-)

jenny said...

Awww look at her! Love her little squinchy smile. She sure knows what to do with that phone...Thanks for sharing that, she is a DOLL!! I need to take more videos.

Hugs all around,

Katrina said...

I need to take more videos, too. What a sweet, sweet baby. LOL about all the background noise, you weren't kidding! Sounds like a full, happy home.