Sunday, December 7, 2008

Getting into the Christmas Spirit, and Curing Cabin Fever

Yesterday morning at twelve P.M. (because that's what the morning stretched into), we all loaded up (in two vehicles) and drove to a quaint little town to play!

The sun which had been tantalizing us through the blinds, disappeared once we went out, but besides being rather COLD, that didn't stop us from having a lovely time.

First we squeezed into a crowded little Pizza shop for lunch

Then we walked,

And played

and sat (I don't think I sat quite enough!)

and played some more before loading up and returning home.

I was pretty wiped out after this outing, but it was worth it - just wonderful to get out of the house!
It really was a lovely, lovely day:-)


princessmama said...

I love the pictures of the kids sitting in the window! And the feet :-) Glad you had such a great outing.

Morgan said...

Your families are so CUTE together! Do you get a lot of attention everywhere you go? What a blessing to have such great friends (for all of you!).

Momma Bug said...

I like the feet pictures too:-)

Hmmm... yes we gt some looks.
It is quite fun to go anywhere with that many children!
My friend Shannon taught me how much I can bless people with my wild crew, by leaving a little mess behind us as possible.
Meaning that we try to straighten up tables and food mess before we leave a restraunt, even if we're paying for someone to clean up after us.
It's a good way to serve people - and it's one of those things that is very unexpected!

We did have a great time though:-)

jenny said...

so much fun! thanks for the pics, i love seeing all of you!!! the feet pic below the pic above it makes it look like one pic with children with huge legs!!! ha ha ha love,

Momma Bug said...

Ha ha.
I thought the same thing, but it is thanks to YOU that I am moving that picture!
It loses something in translation when placed where it is!!
Thanks Jenny;-)

grace said...

you have such an eye for those
"moments". beautiful pictures!

The Diane Story said...

You take it easy Analene! No wearing yourself out...let yourself recover well missy! lol.'s the "i just had surgery too" part of me looking out for YOU! lol
Glad you were able to get out and cure cabin fever a bit though! I totally understand!

Love you!

2homeschool said...

Monday Morning school work day! Thinking of you.

Love, H

heidi said...

Please remember to sit here and there Analene, oh super-mom that you are. Your body is still in recovery mode. By all means enjoy yourself but rest along the way too. I'm a go-getter and those closest to me give me a hard time about doing all that I I can relate to the outings. But I did learn the hard way too...I collapsed on the stairs of the hospital entrance because I forgot to take care me along the way. Take a day here and there to just enjoy those around you. I promise you wont miss a heartbeat. You have a beautiful family! love Heidi