Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bead and Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

We like to make bead and pipe cleaner snowflakes to decorate our tree and house at Christmas time.
We were on the road this year and didn't get to do our usual Christmas crafts, so it was just a couple weeks ago while Daddy Bug was out of town that we pulled out the beads and pipcleaners!

First buy some pipe cleaners and cut them in half.
We like the glittery ones which can be found at any craft store.

Buy a package of faceted plastic beads - the large size, and preferably a package of mixed colors.

Take three pieces of pipe cleaner and twist together in the middle to make a six pointed star shape.

Thread beads onto pipe cleaners.
You may choose to set beads close together, or leave room in between for the pipe cleaners to sparkle through.

Leave a little room at the end to twist over last bead, so your beads won't come unstrung.


I guess I didn't take a picture of the ones I thought "perfect", and as you can see...
the snowflakes take on the personalities of their creators! ;-)
have fun!!


Jenny said...

What a cool craft! My kids love playing with beads and pipe cleaners. this is gonna be a hit at our house next Christmas!

Diane said...

I love Zach's snowflake. Awesome job!

Katrina said...

Thanks for reminding me to do this... I bought all the stuff a couple weeks ago, but keep forgetting to give it to the boys so they can make them. :o) Looks like it must have kept yours busy for a while... at least I hope it will for mine! Anything for a bit of peace amongst this house-bound crew! lol

Liu said...

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