Saturday, January 3, 2009

Favorite Things

This is mine. My own stuff that is "me".
I am very eclectic, and don't have a style other than "Happy" or something along those lines, but it's been over a year since I've lived in my own home with the stuff Analene (that's me) would make a nest with.
Uncle Wyatt's has been very fun, and I have enjoyed homifying his bachelor pad, but besides my desk and the shelf behind it, this particular house is not me. There are pieces of me here and there, but I have been decorating someone else's house, and I miss having my own spot.

In Idaho this last trip, I mudded and painted the two rooms downstairs: the kitchen and living rooms (more pictures to follow). My dear husband let me pick paint colors, and that is saying a lot when the priority is really more along the lines of, say, indoor plumbing.

One of the highlights of putting my mark on Marvel Hill, was receiving a large package from Gramsie and Pops back in California, containing a few of my favorite treasures.

This sweetie is a chipped-up-glued-back-together piece of work, but that made it pretty affordable at Salvation army for a dollar fifty!

Here's the thing, I don't normally go for trinkets of this sort, but as you can see, she has a personality and I needed her. That's that!
The daisy-girl made her residence on the windowsill over the wash basin (one day sink).

This clock is new, but it's still on trial because it has aloud tick, and in a house where there are absolutely zero appliances, we think that tick is kinda annoying!

Even if the clock goes, the plates that flank it will have a place somewhere where a splash of color is wanted. They are both from my mom and remind me of her, because she is the one who shared with me her LOVE of vibrant color!

This is an old magazine Gramsie gave me as a birthday gift. I framed it and hung it in the Bird Cottage kitchen in California, and now it lives inside the front door of the Marvel Hill cabin in Idaho.
Gramsie didn't think it would pack and mail very will because of the glass, so unwrapping it was a lovely surprise!!

It was the most home-like feeling to hang this picture by the front door. It just said "this is Analene's home".
I like that.

It's nice to have a home home somewhere when you've been a Gypsy for any length of time:-)


TasJess said...

Welcome home :)

Lady Jess said...

Well, I'm glad that you're finally home. What a blessing. ;)

2homeschool said...

Very, Very lene.

So, did you get any sleep the other day? I pray so.

I didn't. I was out with jayna until just about the time my husband had to go to work. I never did get to tell you about my week.


I have started asking if I have a big red target on my chest, cause it is starting to feel like it.

I put a medical update on my blog but the jist of it is Anna has to have an MRI in the next 4 days.

She also has to have a huge blood panel.

George has been having "Night Episodes" :-P I don't know what they are. We have contimplated everything from Night terrors to seizures. The Doc wants to do a night study on him but is not in a hurry.

Alrighty dear, I am supose to be getting ready for church.

Love Lots, Heather

princessmama said...

Very homey looking all of it:)

So sorry to hear you are still battling sickness:( No fun at all!

Love you, Sarah

DaddyReg said...

Got to love the simple things...

Momma Bug said...

Oh, I DO! And I'm going to be excited out of my mind not to have to walk through the snow in the dark where moose, bear, and wild cats live just to go to the loo!!

P.S. we're still wintering in Colorado, but looking forward to Spring at Marvel Hill:-)

jenny said...

ok. first of all, thank you for pics of the Idaho cabin. second of all...we want MORE!!! third, i have those same jars as canisters on my kitchen counter. ha!

Anonymous said...

You indeed made it very homey. The changes from the first time we met to just before you left were already amazing. I can't wait to see what you do with the place once it's your full time home.

Love and miss you!

Momma Bug said...

Once it's our full time home, it's very likely that little change will occur;-)

We'll see...

Anyway, we love it there, and we love being together there, and we love our new neighbors there, so it all works out! :-)


Katrina said...

I'm don't know much about your story...but I do know what you mean about having your own home with your own things... there's just nothing like it!

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...

so....let me just get this right....
YOU CAN HEAR A CLOCK TICK IN YOUR BUSY HOUSE!!! ARE YOU SURE EVERYTHING/EVERYONE IS OK?!!! Analene...are you SURE that you can HEAR A CLOCK!!!!!!!!!! wow....That is all I could think about after reading the whole blog...
LOL! wow...


Momma Bug said...

Good point Moll!

That would be mostly after all the Bugletts are sleeping;-)

Then there's the aspect of it being a LOUD ticker - which was my point. Obnoxious!

I love you!