Monday, January 12, 2009

By No Means Comprehensive :-)

My Husband is not a blog reader - too manly for that I guess.
Not even a reader of MY blog... until lately. I guess the pressure was too much, the reading audience was growing. He was hearing feedback from his own friends, and thought he'd better know what his wife was saying about him (or us, or whatever)!
So... I have come to notice him lurking about his own wife's blog (thank you to the live feedjit for that piece if info). I could be more nervous about what I am saying, but instead I feel a sense of glee that I am now so popular that my own husband has to keep up with the latest of Momma Bug!

Now that I know you're keeping an eye on me Mr. Bug, here's one for you!

<3 Because you love me

<3 Because you know me... and love me still

<3 Because you have good taste in women ;-)

<3 Because you want me along for company

<3 Because you buy me all the gear: snow shoes, gators, helmet, boot pegs, life jacket, paddle...

Because you don't mind if I'm always pregnant or nursing, which means all that gear is stored still waiting to be used

<3 Because you dream up wonderful adventures... and we do them together

<3 Because you love Truth, search for Truth, and are willing to speak Truth

<3 Because you laugh at my jokes

<3 Because you make me laugh :-)

<3 Because you always come back

<3 Because you always do what you say you'll do

<3 Because you treat me like you love me - every day

<3 Because I know I'm lucky

<3 Because you love me..............................................

<3 And because I love you too :-)


Grace McHugh said...

Amen and amen!!! Thank you for being proud of your man! In this world of man bashing I take joy in my friend bragging and quite loudly, about her man. You inspire me to brag every chance I get about my incredible, handsome husband!!! Woo Hoo for handsome, godly men who love us in spite of us. :)

fawndear said...

Congrats of finding such a great guy and then having the sense to hang onto him. He's one lucky fellow.

fawndear said...
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fawndear said...

OPP's Sorry about that!

Katrina said...

What an awesome post! I just love how you write.

I have an award waiting for you at my blog... come see! :o)