Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Greif!

FreeVictorianClipArtChildren8.jpgNot only is Susanna a collector of... stuff, she also stores it in a heap BESIDE her clothes dresser - along with her clothes mind you. When she wants to look for socks and underwear, she searches through those drawers. This is fruitless of course, because everything she takes off goes into that heap (rather gross when you take dirty socks into account!).

Anyway, that is the pile I am attacking this afternoon, along with sorting through the other children's clothing too.
Won't they ever take a break from growing and wearing things out?!!
It's a small price to pay, I guess :-)

If I make it out alive, I'll keep you posted!


fawndear said...

Best of luck. I'll pray for your survival. LOL

2homeschool said...

I soooo know what you mean!!!


princessmama said...

Brannon had to sort through his toy drawer today, to accomodate new stuff as well as make it so he could close it...after a couple hours, a few breaks included, and lots of help from mama and papa he succeeded.

Whew! The stuff sure piles up around here. Especially with craft stuff and school supplies too...


P.S. your party sounded like fun:)

Diane said...

Did you accomplish your task? Miss you.

Katrina said...

I understand and I agree, it's a small price to pay. :o)

Momma Bug said...

I"m still buried - I'll let you know when I emerge! ;-)