Monday, January 19, 2009

We Are Loved!!

Christmas arrived at our house the other day...

we could hardly believe our eyes!

A new hat for Olie

Some darling girlie duds for Lina

A PINK sweater for Susie:-)

Candy for boys...
Coffee for momma and daddy... (you're the BEST Auntie Kim!)
Wonderful personalized drawing pads for my artists...
and lots and LOTS of love!

Thank you dear sister, your package was the first gifts we received in celebration of Christmas.
It's arrival was a great and jubilant affair - heard throughout the household (and possibly beyond!).
We took great delight in opening each special package, oohed and awed appropriately over each persons gifts, and then had to try everything out.
Or ON, as might have been more accurate for some:-) Everyone was properly thrilled, and this mommas heart extremely blessed! I can't wait to try my photo cup :-)
THANK YOU dear Auntie Kim, Uncle Ben-the-policeman, and sweet cousins McKenna and Hailey!!! We love you too:-)


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Mama K. said...

YAYYYYYY! I'm so glad you all enjoyed the gifts. We had a great time putting the box together and hoped you'd all have fun opening it up! Love you sis!