Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Favorite Baby Item

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Every Mom has her "can't-leave-the-house-without-it" baby item.Some cherish their their carriers, nursing cover-ups, diaper bags, some their baby's pacifier.

Personally I try not to leave the house without any of the children themselves, and since they have all been finger-suckers it's hard to leave without an item like that (a finger that is, and again... that's assuming you remember the child that the finger is attached to).

My all-time favorite baby item is a flannel receiving blanket.

Several babies ago, my mother-in-love offered to make me some new ones, and I requested she make them bigger than the usual size.
What resulted have been my most treasured "can't-leave-the-house-without-them" baby items!
She cut flannel fabric (preferably shirting flannel - it's stretchier) one yard square, and finished the edges by crocheting with colored thread around the outside.

(Carolina demonstrating the virtues of said blanket)

My favorite uses for this 3 x 3 foot square piece of fabric are as follows:

* Swaddling blanket. This thing is the perfect size for getting a good swaddle with no feet sticking out:-)

* Nursing cover. I've got it with me anyways, and the flannel sticks to your clothing. I believe my sister-in-law is now a fan of these blankets too!

* Infant car seat cover. For when your baby falls asleep and you want something light weight over them to keep off bugs etc.

* High chair and shopping cart seat-buckle. This thing works great to tie your baby into a restaurant high chair. I use mine all the time for shopping carts as well.

* Changing "pad". While not padded, you have something clean to lay the baby on for changing a diaper.

When leaving the house I always check for diapers, wipes, and receiving blanket - in about that order. As you can see, ours is familiar enough that Carolina decided to adopt it for personal use:-) We have two made out of the shirting flannel, and though different colors, she isn't picky! Either one will do - just don't try to substitute one of the other flannels -I guess there really IS a difference!


Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...

Those blankets sound cozy and awesome! =)
Way to go not forgetting anyone!
I think you have earned the right to be proud of that one! lol =)

Photo Momma said...

I use the thermal blankets for swaddling/carseat cover/etc. as well. You are right! Very handy. I am sure making your own would be a lot cheaper. I only have 2 thermal blankets for each child and am constantly needing to do laundry.

Jenny said...

Ooooh! You made that look so lovely, I want one for me. :D

Lady Jess said...

Oh, how cute! What a great idea, too. :)

Mama K. said...

Yep - I'm a big fan too! I use them for a way to cover the little one up when she's sleeping in the carseat as well. I also use them as a big burp cloth when I'm out and about to avoid needing to change my clothes after burping!

Momma Bug said...

Oh yeah! The gigantimoso burp rag! Forgot that one :-)

I can't live without them (I don't think), I've never tried anyways! :-)