Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Hid... I Really Did.

I was downstairs in my bedroom, getting dressed for an evening out with the gals, when I heard a thud, a scream, and after some commotion. Zack was hollering for mom, and searching the house over for me, the proverbial mediator.

That's when the idea hit - " jump into the closet! maybe he won't find me, and I would really prefer not to be found at the moment. I just escaped the mayhem and I want my peace!"
(you know, that piece of peace I am always saying we are not entitled to? - I thought I'd try to get it anyway.)

Did it work?

For a few short-lived moments, I thought so.
But then, just when he had looked in the last obvious place, he walked all the way into the bedroom and took a confused pause. That soon turned to disbelief when he turned around, faced the closet and spied his mother standing in there holding her pants over her arm.

That's when I busted out laughing!
"I do NOT want to hear any tattling right now son!" I twinkled mischievously "I would rather not be found for that sort of thing."
We both had a good laugh, and I commenced dressing. I did feel a little silly, and I wasn't successful in staying hidden, in fact I definitely could have done a better job with that.

However, it was worth the laugh we shared; I didn't have to hear the sad sad tale of life's wrongs; and I was reminded how good it is for mom to spring the unexpected once in a while!

I'll be sure to try that one again:-)


beansntatersmama said...

we love to play hide n seek indoors during the winter. I set the timer for fifteen minutes and we take turns counting. I get so cracked up i usually bust out laughing before I am found. Next time climb into the tub behind the shower curtain, just don't breath when they come in there looking for angie

Andi said...

Hee, hee, hee! That's great! I gotta try it sometime!

Grace McHugh said...

Ah yes, laughter is good for the soul! Your son needed to see the fun side of his momma. You needed to at least try to hide, I would have. Thanks for the idea.............and for the giggles.

heidi said...

hahahahahaha too funny. Been there, done that. I never get lady time. I did once. I do have school meetings since I'm a leader but do those really count?? I never get those outings with the ladies I'm really close to.

I'm glad you two had a laughable moment. Good for the heart and good Zack gets to see his mom be silly.

Emily still cannot handle me going anywhere. Seriously. She will pace the house when I have to sneak out and she looks for me. If I take the time to say bye then she's screaming in torment till I get home. Poor baby!! Church...I can't leave them (the twins) in their classes because they wont let me stay in church. I can't help out at church because Emily wont let go of me. So if I do have to go, I have to play mission impossible, pick the door closest to where she isn't or send everyone outside while I sneak out the opposite direction.

Momma Bug said...

Ouch Heidi!

This escape was extremely rare for me too, but it was oh so fun!
I remember that this is a season, and a fleeting one at that! The little taste of fellowship I got last night is what makes me look forward to Heaven:-) I'll surely have enough time then...

Love to you:-)

Mama K. said...

That's funny sis! :)

Diane said...

I chuckled so hard. You are a crack-up Analene. SO funny. Hmmff. I didn't get to hear your voice today...but Moll was so happy to talk to you and the kids! Love ya.

Katrina said...

Ha, Ha! So funny... I've done that lots. sometimes I just don't want to have to deal with them... it's great how it turned into a laugh for you and your son.