Friday, January 23, 2009

Plumping-Up Carolina

An egg a day, usually for breakfast. Scrambled with butter and a spoonful of Brewers yeast mixed in. Some days she says "enough!" eggs can get a little gaggy eating them so often.

I often bribe her with some applesauce (which hides her morning supplement - capsule opened and powdered contents mixed in).

Another good way to sneak in the egg protein is to hard boil eggs and remove just the yolk to mix in. Yogurt works well for this I find. I buy organic plain yogurt and also mix in a little pure maple syrup. I usually take the opportunity to mix the evening supplement into her yogurt.

Good protein foods are Cottage cheese, and also Peanut Butter.
It seems that a favorite of Carolina's is peanut butter with honey, brewers yeast, and a large dollop of coconut oil mixed in.
Sometimes I put this on bread , especially if we are going to be out at a meal time, I am assured she will get something to eat that is "on my list".
At home however, I frequently feed her this mixture right off the spoon and she loves it!

Another good food to fatten baby up is Avocado. Carolina seems to hold the view that this is another gaggy option, but I like to mash it, add coconut oil, and a shake or two of garlic salt into it - she will eat it this way on a cracker.

We also bought Carolina walker with the idea that getting her upright where her feet are touching the floor, might tempt her to put some weight on her little legs.
She seems to think she is getting royal treatment to be put in this contraption!

The doctor seems to think that her muscles will strengthen in time due to some of the supplements she is getting. The zinc, for instance, builds muscle tissue.
Keep praying!


Mommy Reg said...

Great job Momma Bug! Very cool ideas.
When Princess K was sick, I would mix her meds with applesauce. (Well, one of the meds that is what it needed. The acid helped break it up.)
Last night, I was thinking about how I added baby rice cereal to everything. Gerber baby cereal is fortified with zinc and iron (Now they make an organic one). I mixed it into the pancakes, muffins and anything else I made. Along with brewers yeast and wheat germ - I still add both of those to any baked good I make. And yes the eggs can get old too. They are so excited at first then a week later, not so much. I sprinkle some shredded cheese on top of hers. Added yumminess and some calcium. Oh another thing I would do is make smoothies with frozen fruit, banana, yogurt, brewers yeast and some milk. I would let it warm a bit then give it to them. They could take their time drinking it through the morning and get some extra stuff in their drink. When you are trying to add pounds and nutrients, just water can go out the window. ;p
And my kids think it is a real treat to have peanut butter on a spoon. A favorite way for them to eat it even now when I let them. No one ever thought of suggesting coconut oil for either of the two I had to bulk up. That is one I am storing for if I have to do that again. I haven't gotten any of mine to eat an avocado at that age. I never though of adding stuff and spreading it on a cracker. Genius.
Okay this is a book now. Great job Momma! And she is already looking bigger! Love you!!!

Diane said...

You are doing great Analene! And I am praying for Lina to continue to grow and get healthy. Can't wait to see God work. Love you so much.

princessmama said...

If you try the smoothies you can also add some coconut oil to that and a lettuce or kale leaf, or whatever green has the best vitamins and minerals for her needs. We love green smoothies (i make them with less greens for the kiddos than I do for me, depending on the kind of fruit and how much the green taste will come through)

Sounds like you are doing awesome:) Bless you guys.

Andi said...

Hey there! I'm wondering if a hang-in-the-doorway-jumper-thing would make her want to use her legs to bounce around with. Although, the other kids might like to swing her around too much. I don't know, just a thought. Hang in there! The Lord has a purpose in this too!

Momma Bug said...

Andi - That is just what I thought too! I really wanted to get one, but there is no place to hang one of those things in this house!! ACK!
Keep your brain thinkin' for me... I need those ideas:-)

Thanks friend!!