Friday, January 16, 2009

Fried Egg Friday!!!

It's been just too long since we've had a real honest-to-goodness Fried Egg Friday, but today...
we made up for the ones we missed! :-)
Daddy Bug is coming home tomorrow, and it felt like a day to celebrate.

First we had our fried egg breakfast (Friday = Fried Egg... get it?) original Clayton idea.

Then we loaded into the van and went to the Library. This was my first time in more than ten years, and the first time ever for my Bugletts (don't keel over Mommy Reg!).
I have heard that the Library in our town is exceptional, and I would have to say I wasn't disappointed.
They have a soundproof room for the children with all the children's books and activities. My children were mesmerized by the whole experience and especially the short door just for little people - problem was, who opens the tall door for momma and stroller?

After we left the Library we went to Starbucks and ordered a Venti Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino divided three ways, and a Java Chip for me and Clay to share. Turned out that Carolina has a sweet tooth too!

Next we walked across the parking lot to the... Dun, duh-dun dun... DOLLAR STORE! (Where every dream is within reach for the little person's income)
Yesterday Clay actually said to me "Mom, I wish I lived back when there was a Nickle Store!" I guess the Dollar Tree is a close as we get to that today:-)
Zack bought a piece of poster board, Clay bought a rubber ball and paddle, Olivia bought a fuzzy purple snake, and Susanna had already set her heart and sights on buying a stapler (?) and that's just what she did!

We then stopped into Office Max and bought file folders to make lap-books (haven't done this ourselves yet, but the children are very excited!) - did I redeem myself Mommy Reg?

We then loaded into the van and headed for home where commenced lunch and some resting, and tonight... perhaps a little party with a movie from the Library? I think maybe... :-)

A very successful Fired Egg Friday, and one I'd certainly repeat in the future!


Anonymous said...

miss you! sounds like you're having too much fun! love yohu always, me, em

Grace McHugh said...

What a fun day!! I need to come check out your library! Once again, I see one of your children was interested in office supplies.........she is thinking "crafts." So is it "casual fried egg day?" Tee Hee

fawndear said...

Library and Dollar Store in one day would make my kids happier than going about anywhere.

I secretly have as much fun in the dollar store as they do.

Momma Bug said...

But of course! (both to Grace AND Fawndear) ;-D

princessmama said...

Sounds like fun:-) The stapler sounds like something Josh would think sounded awesome to buy and have his own lol.

Lady Jess said...

I loved making lapbooks, we made some just the other day. They are so much fun! So glad you went to the library that is one of my favourite places to be, aside from church ;)

Mommy Reg said...

You are so cute! My kids would live at the library if they could. :) Their favorite section is the non-fiction section. We have a pretty good children's room too.
And yes you did redeem yourself with the lapbooking. I am so excited! you will just as much fun making them as the kids. Let me know if you need any tips.
You sound like you had a wonderful day.
Miss you dear friend. You make me smile.

Mama K. said...

Sounds like a fun day for all of you! Clayton's comment about living in the nickel store days cracked me up. Yay for having your hubby home today. Hope you have a great weekend together. BTW - I like the new change in your layout!

jenny said...

i haven't taken the children to the library either--gasp! a few reasons for that, but hope to get there eventually...yours sounds fun!

i have discovered the world of lapbooks too and am eager to get started, the children will be sooo excited about them. yay for a fun day, you did a lot!!
yay for daddybug coming home too!!!!

Diane said...

Analene -
You called it "FIRED" egg Friday in your last!

What a fun day and I got to hear your voice too. That made my Fried Egg Friday.

Miss you. Hope you had a great reunion with Daddy Bug tonight!

Love you,

2homeschool said...

Wow, sounds like you had a simi-normal day for me... All though, that is getting to be less and less of the norm. Out of money and no outside theripists, we are OUT less and less. Although, maybe that also has to do with the fact that we are sick (or at least all the kids and daddy is, I seemed to get over it the fastest.)

Actually went out with Jennifer and then J.M.

Sad thing was I kept calling them each other's names the whole day, couldn't keep them stright... Ahhhh...

Anyhow, got to run around in a sports car for 4 hours, lots of fun.

Wish you were here, then I could have kept going and visited you too.

Lots, of love,