Sunday, January 4, 2009

Marvel Hill and More...

This is the sweet little dusting of snow we received at Marvel Hill the day we left. It was the first snow of the season, and I while lovely, it was rather a cold way to wash the last enormous pile of dishes!!

Wouldn't you say this spot resembles Lantern Waste or some other place in Narnia? I almost expected an umbrella carrying fawn to appear from that path through the birch!

Finally, it is probably unkind to taunt my beloved Idahoian neighbor with these pictures, because since we left, there's been more than a little snow added to what you see here.

And so... it is time, with great fanfare to introduce you to queen of the regions westerly of Marvel Hill: Mrs. King.

Those of you who love me will enjoy a closer glimpse into our new Idaho lives through the unfolding of God's plan for the royalty next door.
PLUS, you will get a kick out of what the snow looks like NOW! Thankfully for Mrs. King, they have indoor toilets;-)



Lady Jess said...

Wow, way to encourage my jealousy! That is so beautiful.

2homeschool said...

Man that just looks cold.

Hmmm... Maybe that is cause I am cold already...

Hot chocolote time... Maybe bubble bath,... Gee wish I had some rocky road. Big cheese grin. Love you lots. Thanks for your call today. Sorry I couldn't talk. Seems to be that way this week doesn't it. Hmmph.

I never even got to tell you my target on my chest story either. You'll have to ask me about it next time you call.

Love you lots, hope things are looking up and staying in their beds.



Momma Bug said...

I had my rocky road... but my hands are cold now, and it reminds me of what it felt like standing out there in the shush - wet. and cold. and wet.
Cold too.

Hot chocolate and a bubble bath sounds good to me!

Anonymous said...

Awww, you are so sweet. I like "the regions westerly" - it sounds better than "our place". I have to say that I. cannot. imagine. having to use an outdoor potty with all of the snow we've had. You wouldn't be able to get the door open, much less use the thing. You'll be well prepared by the time the snow hits up here for you next winter.

We're so looking forward to all that spring will bring: melting the snow, building our cabin, gardening, and YOU!! We love and miss you!

Mrs. King