Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is a good opportunity to introduce my beloved friend Sarah whom I met at Richardson Springs YWAM base (how long ago Sarah? was it in '96) twelve years ago!

She is precious precious friend, and today she posted some pictures she took when she and her Hubby and two boys came to visit us at our home in Northern California two Summers ago.
I hope you say hello to her, and check out our rooster, the famous Mr. Fancy Pants!

Thanks Sarah! I was a bit homesick looking at those pictures. That place really felt like home to me. It was fun to reminisce:-)

A few more "oldies" from the Las'Lenas farm

Uncle Ben

Uncle Dan

Auntie Mattie Grace (And our barn in the background... sigh...)

My boys:-)


Lady Jess said...

Oh, how cute.

princessmama said...

You're welcome:) I had fun posting those pics. Feeling homesick is no fun:( It was forever after we moved out of our first home that I felt ok about it. I even get a tiny bit homesick for other places we have lived. I think the good memories really grab our hearts and we long for the sights and smells that are associated with them:-)

Love ya, me

P.S. maybe we can make some more memories in Idaho this summer:-) By the way...Nate is threatening to fly if we get the chance to visit, I guess being the chief driver he's entitled to that notion--unless the cost is prohibitive! What's the nearest airport to Marvel Hill??

P.P.S. I hope we can get you guys up here some time. If we ever unbury our house enough to have company that is...sigh... :-)

Momma Bug said...

You never know... we might grab lunch with you on the way through this Spring:-)

I think the nearest Airport is Spokane, and if you decide to fly up, we'll come get you!

It'd be a blast!!


princessmama said...