Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An Adventure With the California Cousins!

Last weekend we drove up to the mountains with my brother Charlie and his family. We are now too many to pile into one vehicle, but that's okay because as you can see... the "many" we are working on are a riot of fun!

Arriving at the lake and laying out a plan...

A hike!

ALL of us?

Beginning our hike around the lake (or part-way around the lake!)

Too bad no one knows how to have a good time!

Some serious balancing.

The water wasn't deep, just deep enough to make a sopping wet toddler (and his or her mom) miserable!

Uncle Char demonstrates his water filter

Taste tests:-)

The boys (that would be Zack and Uncle Charlie) find snow and use it for the only obvious purpose - snow balls. I steered clear of this goings-on, but I was impressed at Zachary's speedy maneuvering and accurate throwing arm!

Auntie Hannah Double Decking it:-)

My brother is a fantastic dad! Really he is - you DO see what task he is undertaking here?

Some of the crew thought it was warm enough for a dip in the lake. I was not one of them.
You know that if you pack your swim suite "just in case" you are bound to "need" to use it.
Reportedly Eleanor (age 3) had this conversation when packing her back back:

Ellie: "I'm going to go swimming at the lake"
Dad: "I think it might be pretty cold..."
Ellie: "I bet not. I think it'll be warm enough"
Dad: "I doubt it Eleanor. There's still snow up there."
Ellie: "Well... we'll see who's right."

(Hmmm. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it Char? AND, you obviously haven't learned not to argue with a three year old! HA!!)
Clearly we see who had the last word;-P


Diane said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures! That brought a huge smile to my face! How fun. Where was this at?

Lady Jess said...

Wow, it looks like you all had a lot of fun!

Lady Jess said...

And, yes, I do see what the task was. LOL!

Ashley said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing, it looks beautiful up there.

Jana said...

Oh my goodness! That looks like the type of fun we'd love to partake in. Jon and I stepped out onto our back "porch" this morning and breathed in some pretty nice air....and it made us crave an Idaho trip!

Momma Bug said...

I am craving that Idaho trip too Jana! And looking forward to sharing it with you guys and hopefully Char and Hannah too. It did seem like you three should have been there at the lake with us last weekend. We love you crazy guys!


princessmama said...

Gotta love cousins! So fun :)

Angela said...

How beautiful and how fun! What lake is that?

Momma Bug said...

We went to a little lake off road up by Mt.Lassen called Wilson Lake.
It was beautiful and desolate too.
You know, one of those places you find by word of mouth or by exploration. It's quite easy to get to and if you're interested ask Charlie and Hannah about it:-)


Angela said...

Thanks! We'll check with Charlie & Hannah for directions.