Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Silly Things I Do "Because..."

My mom fixed artichokes for us occasionally growing up, and it was a special treat:-)
We had Artichokes tonight and dipped the leaves in mayonnaise. That's how you do it, because... that's how we always did it!
Here's some other things I do because... it's what I always do:

*The best way to eat steamed spinach, is to drench it in butter and red wine vinegar.
*I eat lemon pepper sprinkled on my clam chowder
*steamed broccoli and asparagus dipped in mayonnaise
*drink milk with peanut butter and jam sandwiches
*eat Rocky Road ice cream in a mug with milk poured over it
*dip my french fries in ketchup (doesn't everyone?!!)

I never drank soda before I married AJ, and he is faithful to Pepsi. But... because of him I now:
*Like Root Beer with my pizza
*And Mr Pib with my hamburger

When I was little my Grampa always made a "party" out of our visits (which were often many times a week since he and Grama lived a field away). He taught us how to:
*dip our lettuce in mayonnaise (yeah our family has a thing for ketchup too:-))
*stick olives on all our fingers
*put ketchup in our soup (was this when Grama wasn't looking? I don't know... Grama is a pretty good cook!)
*scoop the sweet centers out of Fejoa's with a spoon

My husband likes:
*a maraschino cherry and syrup in his Pepsi
*Claussen dill pickles on his turkey sandwich
*See's candy on special occasions (or any time)
*Salt n' Spice on any dinner food
*his Rocky Road ice cream in a bowl with hot fudge over it

This fellow is known to be repulsed by the usual foods (cooked broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms...) but has said that anything is good with enough chocolate. For instance:
"Zucchini is good dipped in enough chocolate
- especially if you leave out the zucchini."

He is predictably normal in his eating habits. It has taken him many years to get used to all my dipping, but he now shamelessly dips his french fries in ketchup!

What do YOU eat a certain way because... you always do?


heidi said...

That's a pretty cool list, you brought back warm fuzzy memories for me. Artichokes were a special occasion thing and always with mayo!! And the olives on the finger tips...a grandma specialty at holidays. I like my french fries in yuckkk...McD's sweet and sour sauce or ranch dressing. Nikolaus & Jessica put ketchup on EVERYTHING.

2homeschool said...

Pregnant are we? I read your blog tonight/morning, and I couldn't help but snicker. An intire blog about odd food cravings and habbits. :-) I love it.

Hmmm... My odd food habbits.

Grilled cheese sandwitches dipped in tomato soup made with milk instead of water.

A La Comida addiction (well, that would be accurate if we had any La Comida's around here)... A chicken tostada on a flower tortia, lite lettus and ranch dressing on the side. hmmm... you'll have to try it for me and tell me how good it tasted. :-)

Oh and of course, eating rocky road ice cream out of a mug...

Gee I wonder where I got that habbit!

:0) ~Me

2homeschool said...


Oh don't laugh at me... It's one in the morning. Besides, you know I can't spell.


Andi said...

Taco Bell hot sauce in Top Ramen. Ketchup in macaroni and cheese. But the best thing of all when I'm pregnant, a large stick of salami and a jar of pickles. Mmmmm!

Shauna said...

It's funny you should mention fejoas. I haven't had them since visiting you at your parents many years ago, but I've been craving them lately (no, I'm not pregnant - at least that I know of). Heidi's latest is ketchup on her carrots, much to Daddy's chagrin, he won't eat anything with vinegar in it.

petersonclan said...

You gotta eat your cereal out of a mug... no time to get slimy that way. Yummy crunch!

And when pregnant with a girl, gotta have grilled cheese. Boy- egg sandwich.

Momma Bug said...

WHAT? You crave FLOUR? Are you sure you typed that correctly???

And don't snicker! That list did not touch pregnancy cravings!! That's a whole other post! Those on the list are things I usually eat!!!

jenny said...

What a fun list! I have never had an artichoke. My mom would make them for a treat for herself and never shared! ha I love to hear everybody's quirky food "things!"

Hugs to you,

jenny said...
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Diane said...

Love the list Analene.

I always ate artichokes growing up with mayonaisse. Everyone told me I was weird - glad to know I'm not the only one!

I always eat my tomatoes sliced with mayonaisse and salt and pepper! SO good.

And if I make taquitos, they get dipped in a ketchup/mayonaisse mixture!