Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Deliberate Victories? (Part 4)


I was deliberate in executing a "little victory" today.

During school, we took a break to played Hide and Seek! Momma would hide and all the children would look... screaming hilariously when I roared as found! Then all the children would hide (in pairs, until Olivia thought she'd rather count and seek with me) while Carolina and I searched around every crack, crevice, and corner.

It was a hoot! That Zack is especially good at thinking up original hiding spots, and Susanna faithfully relied on the same one - under the bed - every time;-) (Hey, if somethings working for ya, stick with it!)

It was a good thing for me to play WITH the children. It was wonderful to laugh together! It was also a nice treat to stop in the midst of doing duties to do something fun and unexpected.

I doubt I could do it every day, but then that's what makes deliberate little victories like these so special.

Oh... you want to know where I hid? With Carolina and a pregnant belly? Hmm.. Let's see...

First the Shower:-)

Then the closset,

and finally under the bedroom desk. (It's a big enough desk) (Okay, I squeezed!)

Amazingly Carolina was a very cooperative participant! We had a good time:-)


Diane said...

ooh Hide n Seek. My favorite game! When I visited my brother I kept hiding and making him seek. His house is like the PERFECT house for hide n seek. Lol.

Good job Momma Bug!

Caseybumpinalong said...

How fun! A good reminder of how rewarding a "fun break" in the middle of the day can be. Don't know why I always forget.

Lady Jess said...

Oh, how fun!