Thursday, May 28, 2009

Heaven is Closer Than Kentucky

Dearest and only Love,

This thought dawned on me the other day as I was thinking of you and the many miles between us:

I think Heaven might be closer than Kentucky.

I even went out on a limb and voiced the idea to a few people who raised their eyebrows quite high and limped up one half of their frozen smile in response.
Their faces clearly said "she's off her rocker!"

Am I?

I don't think death is the only way to get there - to Heaven I mean,
though it may be the most common avenue.
Perhaps since death is so unthinkable, so intangible, so unbearable,
and we want it to be so far away... perhaps Heaven is too.
At least for some people.

Is Heaven really far away?

I can count the miles from California to Kentucky;
and it's a three hour time difference.

It sure seems beyond reach - Heaven, I mean.

But not "far".

Far is the distance from the airport where I dropped you off,
all the way back to home with and empty front seat and a van full of your children.

Far is from here to Chicago where you called before getting on yet another flight going the opposite direction from me.
From us.

Far is the reach across the bed in the night only to find emptiness
and space to spread out.

Far is Louisville Kentucky.

I don't know where Heaven is exactly. I haven't been there yet, but I do know this:
God is near.

"The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth." Psalm 145:18

That's my hope and conviction; and I also believe that the place where He dwells is near even though we can't see it, or touch it...
And I can't wait!

Heaven may indeed be closer than Kentucky - it's a thought worth pondering anyhow.
But I will choose to be glad you are those many miles away from me today, dear one,

because even if it is - Heaven - closer I mean...
There's a better chance of me seeing you at the end of the week if you're in Kentucky!

I love you.


petersonclan said...

What you are forgetting is that Kentucky is about as close to Heaven as you can get. ;)

When will you visit? Be sure to stop by when you do.

Momma Bug said...

Ha - ha!!! Well Carri, I am put in my place I'm sure! ;-P

If you're serious about a visit, I might ask if we can impose one of these days. If AJ keeps traveling out there we'll go with him more of the time. It would be great fun to meet you and your lovely family!


Lady Jess said...

Oh, cute picture of your kids! You really have a way with writing in such a beautiful way, Momma B.

Diane said...

That was deep Missy! I didn't tell ya on the other post, but I LOVE the new pic on the top of your blog!

Love you.