Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yikes Clay!

Whenever Clay climbs the tree outside the back door, I turn away. He climbs like a squirrel or a monkey, and holds on like a sloth or lizard, so I don't know why I worry so much.
Maybe it's because he climbs wearing cowboy boots.
Maybe it's because he can't seem to walk over flat ground without tripping.
It could just be that I'm a mom.
Whatever the reason, imagine my concern when I noticed him affixing a 6 foot long board to a branch 8 feet off the ground.
I asked what he was doing, to be informed that he was building a "teeter-totter".

"Well Don't you DARE sit on that thing - do you hear?!!" Says I.

"Don't worry mom..." he chirps back to me "'s an ORNAMENTAL teeter-totter!"

Well THAT was a relief to find out! And since he seemed sincere, I went back about my business with a grin, shaking my head.

And I didn't.
Worry, that is. ...Although sometimes it's better not to ask! :-P


jenny said...

YES! It is a hard balance for me to find in allowing them freedom to do some things but also to be wise with their safety. Why does turning away make it better? He COULD STILL DIE! ha ha I love that the teeter totter is ornamental. At least for TODAY.

petersonclan said...

Just wait until they are old enough to mow the lawn on a riding mower. Not to mention driving. Don't even remind me my eldest is 16.

Jana said...

I love that he knows what ornamental means and put it to use!

heidi said...

can relate...can relate...can relate. I have 3 of those.

Shauna said...

"Don't worry Mama" That's a phrase I'm hearing lots these days. How is it that they know how prone to worry we are! Especially when it involves scaling great heights. Love the ornamental!

Momma Bug said...

I think that since most the hair-raising things children do (and I still remember some of the things my brother and I did) don't end in death, THAT is why I turn away.
Why lose years of my life fretting and why ADD gray hairs?

My children aren't allowed to scream except for a LOT of blood or something worse, so I will run for screaming.
Although... Susanna did come to me quite calmly AFTER I wrote this to say "Clay needs you mom."
Without moving all too fast I put aside my computer and made my way through the house to the kitchen door where I finally added up the rest of her story and Clay was hanging from said tree STUCK by his (yes) cowboy boot which was hooked under another branch.


I hurried then, and rescued him (it's nice to know I'm needed still) but was snickering at how calmly he waited in peril!!!

And such is life;-P
(I think this is another reason why many children are a blessing - I hope that by the time my boys are doing TRULY daring and dangerous things, I will still be ultra busy with my duties at home to waste time worrying. I want them to tell me their exploits, so I'd better listen without any outer sign of distress!)

Diane said...

I can just picture Susanna in her cute little calm face coming to get you. You have trained them well Analene! Glad Clay was okay.

princessmama said...

LOL!!! :-D