Friday, May 15, 2009

A Shred of Sanity

That's what I've been experiencing these last two days.
I have taken inventory and can't see that anything in the usual regimen is different, but I feel a lot better than I have in a long time. I don't know if it was mostly hormones or allergies or tired out emotions or what, but I didn't even take a nap yesterday and enjoyed (and continued to enjoy) my children throughout the day.
The Bugletts chose where we read in our Bible time (they could read about the life of David exclusively for the rest of their lives probably) and it was such a delightful and fruitful time in 1 Samuel 20, that I was happy to conclude with copy work and call that enough.

Clayton taught Zachary to climb that notorious tree in the backyard. Mr. Cautious was so proud when he finally got up into the limbs. I was very very proud of his perseverance!
This is a fellow who even though he now knows how to tie his shoes, will still ask if dad or I would like to tie them for him! (?)! The perseverance and victory was really a very good thing:-)

Clay and Susanna spent the rest of the afternoon with sticks and string - only known to the cheap or creative as the worlds best toys! They were occupied for several hours. Clay made a bird trap, and Susanna had a three-in-one contraption that works as a Bow, a Fishing Pole, and a "Cat Thingy" (which I think is a thingy that the cat likes to chase when you drag the string around).

I finished quilting Zachary's quilt, ironed several cloth napkins I am trying to complete for Idaho, and made dinner - all without a nap, and all without a melt-down. THAT was a great victory!
If my hormones let me feel a little bit like my usual (nice) self again, I will gladly put on another 25 pounds and waddle for the next 4 and a half months! It would be worth it:-)

And today was much as yesterday only with a nap this time. I can't say how wonderful it feels to not be on the verge of tears or grumps. I don't hold my breath that I will feel this way tomorrow, but I hope... and hope some more.
I feel overwhelming gratitude to the Lord for His mercy!


princessmama said...

So glad you are feeling better! It's no fun feeling grumpy :(

Love ya! Sarah :)

Jess said...

It sounds wonderful, I am so glad for you!

Mommy Reg said...

Yeah for sanity. The hormones can make one a bit crazy.

Katie said...

I know exactly how you have been feeling. Just this morning I noticed that this last week I have been much more patient with the kids and "nice". It can be hard to be kind, patient and cheerful when you feel crummy!

heidi said...

I'm glad you're feeling good. Aren't hormones crazy?! Take your leftover scraps of fabrics and quilt together placemats. I just saw that somewhere and you know when you have a small bit of fabric left you hate to get rid of...well I have a ton and just discovered this lovely idea!!! Can't wait to do it amongst all my other endeavors...LOL!

I'll be praying for you! That the Lord redirects you when you start to feel crummy.