Thursday, May 14, 2009

Drawing a Blank

I know you are jealous of the fun and beauty in the last post - and in California?
See... California is not all beach contrary to popular belief. Northern California (true Northern - as opposed to Northern meaning San Fransisco) is one of the hidden gems among the most beautiful places in the United States. We used to get National Geographic's Adventure magazine, and you wouldn't believe how often some area of Northern California was spotlighted for the best of the best in outdoor recreation!
Unfortunately the more conservative and less populated part of the state doesn't stand a chance in pulling any weight by vote. You are welcome to blame the more dense part of California for California's moral corruption, and give us in the north credit for the best terrain, best fruit and nuts ;-P and also a fair amount of cattle ranching and dairies.
But I digress... Except, I can't remember what I was originally going to post about... Hmm.
Oh well! I'll just have to come back when I remember - if ever that occurs.
I guess that explains the fruit and nuts part...


heidi said...

oh yes it is, it's all beach!... ;o) just kidding. CA has a little bit of everything which is what makes it enjoyable...born and raised here. the beach, grew up with the sand out my front door 70% of my life.

...and my husband talks of moving to where...Idaho.

Momma Bug said...

I was born and raised here too, but the only "beach we frequent is 5 hours away on the beautiful rocky cliffs near Mendocino and Fort Bragg - cold water, deep, and with serious rip tides. You don't swim in the ocean, you go tide pooling or diving for abalone. THAT's the Claifornia I was raised in;-P

I hope you let me know if you decide to visit Idaho - but with my luck your husband isn't talking far enough north!
There's sand by the lake.
In places;-)

heidi said...

Oh my husband is a hunter and serious you never know.

I grew up in Redondo/Manhattan all sun, surf, and sand...

I'm flexible. I can find good anywhere. And it would be lovely to visit with you!!

Momma Bug said...

I'm serious now Heidi...
If you want a fun adventure and a place to duck out with the kiddo's while your husband hunts, you better let me know! Our place is awaiting your presence:-)