Monday, May 4, 2009


That is a word that I might do to put into practice more.
It's felt like we've been on vacation staying with Grandparents for the last weeks - even though AJ works and we attempt to get in some school during the week. We've had so much FUN! Lots of rest, and many opportunities to enjoy family and beauty in the Lord's creation.

But it would seem that in the midst of a little school, a little work, very few chores, sipping hot tea on cold days and ice tea on the porch on warm ones; snuggling into bed late and rising late too as the fancy strikes... deliberate is a word in my vocabulary that is gathering dust.

What is there to be deliberate about when you have extra hands for a change, or a dishwasher?
What happens when you go with the flow for too long?
You lose momentum. You lose ground. I know because I am getting slower by the minute. I have been flying by the seat, giving the children "stuff" to do as I see fit, and keeping them occupied in between the romps that thrill their little hearts... rather than having a plan.
Oh some days there's a plan, but mostly we have taken life as it comes, freeing ourselves for that instant stopping and smelling of the roses.
Unfortunately, some of us have forgotten discipline. Wha...? Huh?
Follow through.

Yes work. Did you know that to "spoil" something is to plunder everything of value from it? You know, spoils of war? Have you ever thought of spoil in those terms when you think of "spoiling" your children? Typically we think that to spoil is to give them an excess of everything they want.
Did you know that doing that can strip away everything of value that they already have?
The satisfaction of successful toil.

Here's my thought.
Perhaps if I decided to be deliberate in dealing with my children (ie. planning their school and work, and then helping them follow though) we might all value the tea-sipping, Rose-smelling, garden-walking, lego-playing, slipping-into-bed-late, Rocky Road-eating moments even more than we are right now! We all feel so much more accomplished when we make a plan, work through it, and look back over the day knowing we have been faithful.

I LIKE seeing those little Bugs have fun! I like doing nothing! But I know that too much of a good thing really truly isn't good for a body. At least if it's not tempered by a a little hard work and elbow grease. I guess that's what I aim to do. Balance our indulgence with some intention.
I intend to be more deliberate.

Already I am being successful with my little victories; I just want to add another bite to that.
The goal here is to build virtue, integrity, and character - in ME as I sand away my children's rough edges and attempt to instill those things in them. I doubt it matters WHAT we do, as long as we purpose to do something and then DO it!


heidi said...

The older I get the more I start to realize that follow through is so important. To set goals and strive to achieve that end result. It may not be perfect but its much easier with a game plan set in motion. Of course we sometimes have to make slight adjustments (to stop and smell those flowers and realize to not stress about what lies ahead.) but its so important to stick to the path (and if we fall off, just hop back on it and just get moving). And contentment and thankfulness are key (its no fun being around a sourpuss). You bring up so many awesome things...thanks for reminding me!!!

momofbugs said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. We deal with this everytime we got to GA to visit family. I know I need to work on planning in advance. Thanks for the reminder!

Christabelle said...

I appreciated your reference to losing ground. That's how I've felt lately. I've neve thought of "spoiling" in such terms, but it makes sense. Thank you for posting this.

Diane said...

I miss our long conversations that have included topics such as these Analene! I love you so much. Hope to connect soon.