Friday, May 22, 2009

I Have A New Friend:

Chocolate Syrup, Organic, 16 ozs.

This was given to me as a Birthday gift from my dear friend Shannon. It is chocolate syrup made from Cacao powder and Agave Nectar. That's it.
It's called Healthy Addictions Chocolate Syrup.
I was skeptical at first, and thought it tasted just like... cacao powder and agave nectar mixed together - not exactly an improvement to my Rocky Road ice cream, BUT...
On a morning when a mocha was calling my name (you know how it does that) but the Ghiridelli's chocolate was GONE, in desperation I reached for Healthy Addictions.

What I discovered was something very very good! Try it and see:-)

  • 1 mug full of milk,
  • some coffee (I used about a teaspoon of the instant that was in the cupboard)
  • and a generous dollop of this healthy chocolate syrup!
  • Heat and stir.
(note that the word healthy is not in parentheses because it truly is all natural and unrefined!)

Does this make my mocha GOOD for me? maybe I should take it like a morning tonic?
OK, so that's pushing the envelope some. I'd probably have to milk my own goat (which I HAVE done in the past and that's out of the question for today), heat my milk on the stove top, brew my coffee in a French Press (none of this "instant-schminstant" stuff) and stir with a silver spoon so as to get all the anti bacterial benefit possible...

Not happening today, but I thought I'd share my secret with you anyway. I don't know where all you might find this product available; I know it can be ordered through Azure on the West coast.

Happy HAPPY perking-up in the morning!!!

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Lady Jess said...

Anything chocolate is healthy. God bless the people that discovered the cocoa bean!