Monday, May 18, 2009

"We GO Where The Toilet Is"

This as heard at the dinner table tonight.
We were discussing our coming Summer at Marvel Hill, and the guests we hope to have visit us.
Upon listening to our plans Mom suggested that people might not come if there isn't a toilet (how short-sighted is that?!), to which her son, my ever practical husband replied:
"Oh there'll be a toilet. We Go where the toilet is!"
Which elicited a lot of laughter around the table (as one might expect), but which is in fact a sound and true statement.
(You're not scared to come now, are you Heidi?)

As to when we might actually get to "go" anywhere northerly in direction...

...that is a more perplexing question.
AJ has another trip to Kentucky, and then we hope to head that way.

For now, we are coming into the warm Summer weather. It's only in the high eighties to 100 degrees, but if you live in the middle of Colorado don't scoff! 100 feels darn HOT when there's a fair amount of humidity in the air - which there IS because we actually have some GREEN growing things and quite a bit of water around these parts. In the last few years the hot Summer days are more like 105 and up. A hose is a must where a pool or creek is absent. Unfortunately for me, the first maternity swimsuit I finally broke the bank for on baby #5 is in Idaho. That is really the pits, but I'm telling you that if need be, I am not above climbing into the kiddie pool fully dressed!
It is becoming a regular phrase which is followed by grins of chagrin, this "We have one of those... but it's in Idaho."
It's a little annoying when the sun is scorching your baby but you don't buy a sunhat because you have three " Idaho".

Anyway, I am almost completely done with the quilt I started for Zachary two years ago - just stitching in the binding. So off I go to sit my presence down beside my husband while he works away at his laptop, and I will be putting the finishing touches on that quilt so Zack can use it (and so I can move on to the next project free of guilt!).
Hope you are enjoying some cooler weather for me Jess! I hope you pity me being pregnant in the Summer HA! I am so-very-thankful-I-could-cry that there is a ceiling fan and A/C unit in the bedroom where we sleep. THANK YOU LORD! (and Gramsie ;-P)


Jess said...

You have my FULL and COMPLETE sympathy chookie. My vivid memeories of being so big I made people stop and stare (true story) in 40+ degree heat (not sure what that is in F? It's HOT though) with the renovation plaster dust and then the gastro hitting.....aruuughhh! If it'd been a dream I would have woken screaming! So Yes, my full sympathy to you! I will think of you as I gaze up to the snow capped mountain from my back yard or curl up in front of the fire to feed Anna :) Just think, that is what you have to look forward to!

Diane said...

Yeah a new post! I was missing new posts on your blog...even though in reality it wasn't THAT long ago since you wrote. lol

Love you!

Jana said...

toilet-schmoilet! :P

Andi said...

Just be sure to drink A LOT of water. I went into preterm labor with one of my girls due to being dehydrated. I had 4 out of 6 babies in the summer, it was miserable, my sympathies to you!