Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finding Burried Treasure

People are motivated by different things.

Some by money
Some by praise
Some by affection
Some by food
Some by... chocolate?
(Isn't that the same as food?)

If you ever found Clayton in this position...

...you would know without a doubt that he was searching for loose change. He finds it everywhere; it's always a treasure; and he always spends it generously on others (today he bought headbands for his sisters).
This story is not about Clay though.
It's about Olivia Honor.

Olivia was playing in the living room the other day all by her lonesome, and got distracted by the underneath side of the couch cushions.
Her exploration was not in vain. She found there... a chocolate chip.

Yes. And she wanted to eat it (of course).
Annnnd, since she brought it to me and asked first (an amazing feat all by itself!), I rewarded her by saying yes (you can all groan and say "EEEWWWWE!!" now).
Really it probably was very eewwwe, and in hind-sight I should have confiscated that piece of chocolate and given her a "fresh" one as a reward. Alas I have never been accused of having a brilliant mind. This idea was dad's.

Since the operation went so well and the end result was so satisfactory, she commenced to look for more. Don't think it was a waste of time because Pops sits on that couch and is known to sit there with a bowl of chocolate chips occasionally, often accompanied by almonds and a glass of tea (there were no nuts or tea found in the couch to my knowledge).
There WERE, however, a couple more chocolate chips, and once word got out that the living room had potential for a spontaneous dessert, there were others who wanted to join the hunt!

Unfortunately for the others (but perhaps not so much for mom) Olivia had found the only three chocolate chips "buried" in the living room - at least until Pops spends another evening relaxing after dinner on the couch!


Lady Jess said...

Oh, silly!

Grace McHugh said...

Thank you for being a fun momma instead of a practical momma this time. :) We all need fun.

Andi said...

Hmmm... I wonder what kids might find in my couch? I kinda don't want to know!

Mama K. said...

That's funny! :)

princessmama said...

Heehee! I don't always think first either... :P

Jess said...

I am soooo glad I am not the only one who lets the kids eat "found" food occasionally. Don't worry, it'll be our little secret!

Momma Bug said...

I suppose practical is necessary, but fun is indispensable too:-)
I am a slow learner, but the scary thing is how fast the time is passing - I don't have time to learn this slow!!!

Jess, That's what I call my "immunization program" HA!!
A little dirt there, a little stale chocolate there, and of course the 10 second rule with food that falls on the floor;-P