Friday, May 22, 2009

Is She Coming or Going?

This one's a firecracker!

"Olivia, you're underwear are on backwards."
or as in this picture "Olivia you're pants are on backwards".
(clearly the pockets were foolishly placed on the back of this clothing item, making it much more difficult to access for stuffing penny's and clam shells and such)

"No they're NOT!" She spouts without skipping a beat.
I think this might be referred to as...
"talking back".
"Being Sassy".

Definitely that last one!
What she has gotten away with as "cute" is not so cute as her normal mode of speech. I have to curtail it before getting roped into an argument with a three year old. These kind of responses often elicit a "yes they are, no they're not" kind of discussion which is usually born out of Mom's tiredness or laziness, and the three year old's human nature to dominate.
A rule of thumb most all children live by is:

wherever the line is drawn, get as close to it as possible
- if you're really brave,
cross over it just enough to be in charge
without collecting undesirable consequences.

She is my line cross-overer. Taking one toe, slipping it over the line all while looking you in the eye and wielding a do-you-dare impish grin. This is a casting down of the gauntlet.
Why do I have a three year old who is so successful at this game? It's because I didn't fight and win enough battles early on. She's never been the foot stomping type. Her style is sneakiness combined with charm. That one is harder to want to combat - the charm; it's difficult to crack down on someone who is batting her eyes at you!

Today however, I saw things for what they were and took no guff about those backwards undies!

It is ME I see reflected in my daughter.
My short-comings and weaknesses.
The things that irk me about a sassy child are remedied only by my quick diligence and follow-through. When I least feel like it THAT's most when I need to get up off my posterior and deal immediately. Did I mention being speedy? Fast? Quick as lightning? THAT is the strategy ladies! If you can make it across the room to the offender with gold medal sprinting speed, you will surprise the socks off your child and maybe even surprise the underwear to turn magically around;-) Combine that with consistency and you have a recipe for almost-certain success.
A few times of taking such astounding action will cause even the stubbornest of wills to consider giving that line some respect!

I don't mind backwards pants - really I don't! I think they're super cute and can't help letting them stay that way just for my own personal pleasure throughout the day, but let us keep the cuteness in the style and alluring smile, and NOT in words and tone whose days of enchantment are numbered.

This post is intended to be a little pep-talk for me. I know my lack in this area, but I also see the solution clearly. Make it worth her while to be honestly sweet and to obey promptly, and she will be.
Sweet, obedient, and truly charming!
There is no need for that delectably impish smile to fade in the process - in fact, I love my little lady's sense of humor and love of fun - but to give her the tools she needs to be a person of integrity and a woman of virtue?
To do this thing is to do one of the (many) "most important" tasks in mothering.
AND... there's no time to lose!


Christabelle said...

You are wonderfully encouraging! I, too, find it difficult to follow through sometimes. I am much more laid back. Your post encourages me to step up and take charge. I like it!

Momma Bug said...

Christabelle, It's tricky isn't it?
I tell ya!
I just sit here and shake my head. What fun and unique personalities each little one has. We need all the wisdom the Lord will provide, and some extra oomph to get our rear in gear sometimes!
I'm working at it:-) Thanks for encouraging me back!!

Angela said...

Our almost-two-year-old is SO charming. Add in four older siblings who are as crazy about him as his daddy and me and we've let a few things slip because of cuteness and charm! Not good. Thankfully we are seeing the "little things" and taking care of them swiftly now. Cute picture! Backwards pants and rubber boots on the wrong feet are two of my favorite things.

jenny said...

Oh don't try to sway me, I've still got my eye on her...not sure for whom just yet, but we've got a few boys here to choose from. :)- She is a DOLLLLLLLLL!!!!! You are sooo right, don't let those moments slide, I have so been there when you look up and realize what you've done, letting yourself slip into an argument with them! Thank you for training my future daughter in law. ;)

Jana said...

Oh goodness, if Evie is as cute as Miss Olivia, I'm in for a big challenge!

Mommy Reg said...

Little G is my line crosser. And she has the will to match no other. I know the feeling of needing to deal with it now with no energy to battle. Good pep talk. :)

Andi said...

You are so right, nip this in the bud now! Believe me, it won't correct itself. What really works for us is to wash dirty mouths out with soap. They understand that "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks..." Our hearts need to be cleansed too, but only Jesus can do that!

being molded said...

She sounds like my precious Catherine, also 3. She is such a combination of her 3 older siblings it's funny. We went at it the other day over sandals. She didn't want the ones I took out. I've also realized if I give in too much things will get way out of hand quickly. So let's just say, I won ;)

Katie said...

I have been reaping the results of several months off of discipline with Cameron. The few times I tried I would get off the couch and be so nauseous so I would have to lay back down. Defiantly seeing the outcome of not having discipline for awhile! Thanks for the encouragement to get back in the game!

Momma Bug said...

well... it seems that this "game" is one that never ends! Ebbs and flows maybe, but is never completely over.

I think God makes that way on purpose to make us WANT to draw close to HIM. I know that's the only place I find true wisdom and the motivation to follow through.
He certainly is patient!!

Love :-)