Saturday, May 23, 2009

Carolina's Little Victories!

I was supposed to be working on one of a dozen other projects but I got distracted by some fun fabric and visions of a Pixie.
This was some late-night entertainment I indulged in while AJ worked. I did have a good time:-)
Since I was winging it, there are things I'd do differently with the design of this little sundress for function and comfort, but it's pretty cute for a picture rt two anyway!

Speaking of Carolina, she is 19 months old tomorrow and progressing wonderfully with her muscle tone and use. She is months behind the ball, but smart as a whip and catching up a little at a time! She eats everything and eats well; she stands up next to everything; she now actually CRAWLS (not just the bottom-scooting action); she just started walking with her hands being held; she now skirts the edges of the piano bench or coffee table where her feet used to be firmly planted; AND... from the middle of the floor she stands up on her own!

Just take a look:


Andi said...

She is so precious! Did you ever find out why she was having problems? Was it just the zinc deficiency?

Lady Jess said...

Awww, how cute!

Ashley said...

How sweet! She sure is growing fast! The sundress is cute. :)

Shauna said...

Simply adorable! Both the dress and your darling daughter.

jenny said...

Nice dress, momma! Very cute, and wow for winging it! Look at her up and around, she looks different Momma Bug--wow! Thanks for the video, cute stuff in the background too. :)

momofbugs said...

I was wondering how she was doing. To look at Rylee now, you would have never thought that she only started walking 6/7 weeks ago. I love the dress too. I can't wait to have time to sew better.

Momma Bug said...

Thanks Ladies! All your prayers and encouragement are and have been such a blessing:-)
Andi, I can't say for sure. I am guessing that she was fairly deficient in several vitamins and minerals and apparently Zinc is pretty important for muscle growth and tone. Along with the supplements I have really been pushing the protein. Getting lots of protein in her. Who knows for sure, but since I saw such dramatic results as soon as I started doing things differently, I'm assuming we were right on the money.
She's tiny, and she's taking her time, but I feel confident that she's growing and developing and moving in a forward direction.
As the Lord wills...

I praise Him!!

Momma Bug said...

Clayton had collected a zillion fresh water clam shells in the creek and was dividing them amongst his sisters. What a generous guy!