Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Thanksgiving at Marvel Hill

This helper informed me that I better not let her "lick too much" or she'd be sick.
This suggestion arrived after her spoon and bowl were spotless.  Everything but her face!

We decided to go simple this year so as not to make too much work between only 2 mommas
 with 9 kiddos.
So much for simplification.
We both got a little carried away with the festivities :-)

I found a King size flat sheet at a thrift store and remembered some fabric markers I had buried someplace.
It made a fun table cloth and awesome entertainment for little people (again I emphasize AWESOME!)
as they drew while they waited for food, and again after while we brothers and sisters enjoyed quiet conversation (!)

 Then there is that job which I rely on the big fellows for:

Now HERE is the thing I found most humorous; that our "kiddie" table was the large one:

And we big people were relegated to the tiny off-to-the-side table :-)

Our "simple" dinner fare included:
Mashed potatoes
Cranberry relish
Cranberry sauce
Olives (for the fingers, of course)
Cheese ball and crackers
Cheese, mini sausages, crackers
Apple pie
Chocolate pie
Martinelli's Sparkling cider.

I think our Grandma's and moms would have been proud.
And I'm glad we' didn't "go all out" this year ;-)

I am SO THANKFUL for my brother and sister and our precious cousins
as we are snowed in at Marvel Hill this Thanksgiving!

Thank you Lord.

(Also at the TOP of my Thanksgiving praise is that I no longer have to tramp through the 

snow to use the potty.  YaHOO!  More to come on that later...)


SarahS said...

Looks LOVELY:) So glad for you you have family nearby

Diane said...

Looks like a lovely Thanksgiving! And that is a wonderful Thanksgiving praise!