Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Decided..........

I decided "yes" on making bread.

Then I decided "no" on the movie (because my player had issues).

I decided "yes" on cocoa with cream...

and "no" on the coffee (just seemed foolish at 11:00 at night).

I decided "yes" on blogging as you might have concurred.

Today was beautiful!  
We drove down the hill to pick up a birthday package for Lina which also contained 
California Gramsie-grown Pomegranates for all!  
OH how I wish I could upload photos tonight because I took LOTS of 
Pomegranate-seed picking, juicy-red stained faces.

When we drove in our home driveway I told the children 
"I really think you should play outside.  It's SO beautiful out!"
Without skipping a beat Zachary said 
"You call this 'beautiful out'?"

Well yes I do.

It was overcast today but not the low, dark, gloomy kind of overcast.  
It was light and the air was crisp, not cold.  
The ground was wet, but the sky held back precipitation.
It was a "weekend day" and one could do whatever the imagination dictated - 
yes, it was beautiful.

We haven't spent a Winter at Marvel Hill yet.  
We plan to this year and are readier than we've been before.
Wood shed, water indoors, hot shower, gas lighting.  
Even the generator is now enclosed and I can access it without going out in the dark/cold/rain/snow.
The only thing really not up to snuff yet is the toilet situation.
I call it a situation because I fully expect the "situation" to be rectified in due course, 
and have optimism that "due course" means "before deep snow".

At least... that's my interpretation.

Today we still use our rented port-a-potty, 
but when the temperature drops the seat gets cold - let me tell ya!

File:Privy at Goat Peak.jpg
Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia (this not our port-a-potty.  Thankfully.  Ours is much more modern.  And stable.)

I don't relish the thought of having to suit up the children (or myself) 
to trek through sleet some yards from the house.  
I don't relish having to dig my way through fallen snow either, 
let alone the whole situation of potty training a 3-year-old.
That "situation" will be rectified in due course as well.

Though it might go hand and hand with the toilet being nearer to warm coziness.

But today.
Today I bundled up Bryce and joined the other five while they enjoyed their fruity love from California, 
took lots of pictures, and visited with my sister.  
Today I marveled at the loveliness in my front yard, 
even in the trees which Winter has stripped of its last color.  

Oh yes!
It was a beautiful day.
...even without sunshine, and even without a coffee and a movie ;-)

Dear Winter, I greet you!


Jess said...

I am so glad you are spending winter on your Hill. I look forward to enjoying it vicariously!

Lady Jess said...

That DOES sound like a beautiful day! Praying your 'situation' is rectified before snow fall! ((hugs)) Here's to less cold toilet seats!

SarahS said...

Hurray for indoor toilets. And cookies. And beautiful days.

Love you Friend! Wish we could have a chat with some of that cocoa in front of your stove or mine... :)

Momma Bug said...

I would LOVE that.
Very much:-)