Saturday, November 6, 2010

Might need to order this print:

Kids tucked in for the night (hopefully) -check

Generator on -check

Cookies -check

See?  I'm good to go!  I do need to make bread though, and 9:30 at night might not be a bad time to start...

Or I could watch a movie...

Maybe I could make bread and watch a movie?

Can I blog at the same time?  

Probably not if there's a movie involved.


I'm not one of those multi-tasking women.

Unless you count eating cookies while watching a movie.

...or making bread.

...or blogging.

Nah!  Doesn't count.  I can eat cookies while doing just about anything. Consider it fuel for the soul.

Right up there with coffee and lots of cream and chocolate:-)

Ah... now there's a thought:  

Coffee with cream and cocoa to give some "pep" to the 

NOW we're on to something!

...........Hmm... what movie to watch?...........

1 comment:

Lady Jess said...

hehehe! Funny girl! Cookies, fuel for the soul, definitely! Baking muffins myself. :) Have fun!