Friday, November 19, 2010

Yes Shauna,

I think it's the "wet" kind of snow!

The kind that makes a good snow man and keeps little boys happily employed for... oh, a long time.
(to say nothing of their peeping mother).

Huh.  Why I never thought to use a Machete to round off rough edges?

"Mom!  These rocks are not sticking for the eyes"

I might have just the thing... wait here a moment.

Ah... THAT'S better!

"Now if we just had a top hat......"

Um.  Sorry fellas.  I don't have any top hats in stock today.

Not only is it wet, but I was informed:

"I guess we have the right kind of snow here, Mom!"

I think so boys.  I think you might be right.  It sure looks good to me :-)


Mama K. said...

The boys look SO happy! Great pics!! I hope we get some snow this year - I broke down and got snow boots for everyone so even if it dosen't come to us, we'll be sure to find IT! :)
Give all the buglets our love!

Momma Bug said...

They'll remember forever!

The part that gets me with the little ones is how much work mom has to get them OUT in the snow, only to be crying cold again in 10 minutes (the kids, not mom).
You know though, we found that quality snow clothes make a really big difference in the duration of time they last and have fun:-)

Wish we could send you a box!
Love you too:-)

Shauna said...

You have no idea how jealous I am! Both hills for sledding and snowman-able snow! But then, I do have the "everyone stays dry" advantage.

I totally understand the work aspect to little ones playing outdoors in this season. I could spend my whole day dressing and undressing them in the entrance. I'm having to remember too to start getting everyone ready to go at least half an hour before we have to leave!

LC said...

Brrrrr! Enjoyed your snow without experiencing the cold. The boys' body language and expressions of enthusiasm, exuberance and satisfaction are priceless.

Shauna said...

p.s. - Is Susanna really as tall as the header picture makes her look? Your little ones are growing up!

Momma Bug said...

MmmHmm. Building snowmen is a LOT more exciting than stacking firewood ;-)

Yes Shauna, I think she is!

Deborah said...

That is one of the best-looking snowmen I have ever seen.