Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who's to blame?

"I want to... but the door is shut."

Says the tearful voice of an indecisive and tired-out-of-her-mind 3 year old.

This was the final response of the girl after being asked several times if she wanted to go outside with the kids.
Then asked if she would rather stay in the house; and after that asked if she wanted a pomegranate (which she would receive only outdoors),
and so on and so forth and by several different people who all wanted to see her happy.
Alas she went nap-less earlier in the day, so reason (and maybe happiness) was beyond likelihood.
She was tired.
She was cranky.
She was contrary.

After her last sibling disappeared behind a closed front door, I asked one last time:
"Would you like to play with Bryce, or would you like to go play outside?"

That's when I heard that tiny persons reply.  The whiny voice of a victim:  "I want to... but the door is shut."
I'm afraid I could feel nothing but hilarity in her response - such a mature answer from someone so small.
After laughing a good bit and thinking how silly her last-ditch excuse for being left behind, I thought about it a lot.

I couldn't help thinking how ridiculous was such an excuse as "I can't go out because the door is shut."

I mean, I am her momma.  I can open the door for her if she wants to go out!

Doesn't this sound like the same excuse we offer to the Lord when He gives us every chance to do or accept the very things our hearts desire - and more besides?
When we are too obstinate, or fearful, or lazy, we will wait until most every opportunity is passed and then when the final offer is extended we say something like "I want to... but the door is shut."
Which might mean, "life has passed me by.  I would, but there are reasons  why I can't. I am the victim here."

 Can't you imagine Him saying:  

"Well, if that's the way you choose to see it....
it just may be.

but don't blame me.  I'm your Daddy.  I can open that door for you..".


SarahS said...

So true. So funny. So sad...

Diane said...

These are the types of writing you need to collect and put into a devotional. Seriously. That was an awesome correlation. Thanks for sharing.