Wednesday, November 24, 2010 blizzard.

I'm pretty sure we didn't get blizzarded, but it HAS been cold.

Still... one can't be too cold with this guy standing out your front waving and smiling all the time like the world is perfectly right!

I think he knows :-)

Today has been a cozy day of projects indoors (for those not still stacking firewood)

Girls made Hot Cocoa mix

Then we had to make up the leftover little bit that didn't' fit in a jar...

First worthy taste-testers:

And a few other darling hot cocoa sippers


We put our cocoa in jars and made them pretty

We had another helper...

And there was one sorting buttons too.  That's a very important skill to have!

Not just anyone can sort buttons and do this:


What a perfectly wonderful day to be inside enjoying my little ones!
I have to tell you a little secret though; I love this season of having to go out to an outhouse.
At night the snow makes the landscape just glow.  it's amazingly beautiful.
I know myself, and I'm pretty certain I wouldn't go outside just to go look at the snow up close.
That outhouse gets me out and one day when I have the luxury of not going out,
I'll look back with fondness.
So why not be fond now?

I told you; that snowman knows!


Shauna said...

Looks like fun - I love the cold snow days for the excuse they provide to stay inside and be creative with the girls. You might just have to post your cocoa mix recipe, I think it'd be appreciated here.

LOVE your bowls!

JENNIFER said...

Awesome pics! Now I have a craving for hot chocolate.
Happy Thanksgiving!

SarahS said...

Major cuteness overload Analene (if there is such a thing;-) Thanks for sharing! :)

LindaFaye said...

You truly have a thankful heart. I love it and want more to be like that. The hot chocolate gift jars are amazing! Great idea!

Diane said...

I LOVE your bowls! They are SO cute. They match your tea-pot, right?

And I agree, you need to post your cocoa recipe!

Love you.