Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Missouri, sweet Missouri!

Get ready for five gazillion photos (and I was selective) of our time in Missouri.
Our hosts were wonderfully generous and entertaining as you will note. They are some of our favorite people!

Wild Onions which my two boys and the ever-willing Allison cooked into a stir fry.

I'd almost forgotten they also made Acorn cookies.  Um... they were very acorn-ish.  Just imagine...

The kiddos really enjoyed play play playing outside with their friends.  Missouri is very beautiful and felt like home in many ways.

And then there were the crawdads...
    Catching a bunch of the little buggers down in the crick


 Well what are you going to do once you catch a batch?

COOK them...



......and EAT them, or course!
                                                                  (brave souls)

Just a taste of the beauty and sweetness of our visit.
THANK you dear friends!

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SarahS said...

Wonderful pictures:)