Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sweets for the Sweet... (or something like that)

A "quick" run to the big town today.  An hour and a half away; and in case you wondered...

Big is relative.  

To me it means Costco and Target with a couple other favorites thrown in.

I didn't plan for this trip to fall on this day, but with snow fast approaching, 

I want a complete stock of everything that could possibly entertain keep Buglets busy when stuck indoors.

Since it's Holiday season,
it should be fairly easy with lots of gift-making, ornament-creating, sweets-baking and so on. 

Sweets-baking had me thinking I should stock up on flour and sugar. 

And maraschino cherries - we want to try making chocolate covered cherries this year!

*On a side note, when I remembered a certain grocery store carrying a large jar of said cherries?  
I didn't remember it being a GALLON jar!  
But you know me.  
I made the best of it and purchased the whopper with nary a complaint :-)

So off we went.  To town.  To buy sugar..  ...and stuff.

Nothing noteworthy to tell of.  We went, we saw, we conquered.  

We made it through driving, shopping, lunch, Costco, and more driving, until arriving after dark 
to a warm house and barely any sign of the flakes rumored to have fallen earlier in the day.

When I unloaded my van though...

There was a 20 pound drift of white sugar heaped where the $7.00 bag once sat...full.
So sad.

That's what I get for not packing that paper sugar bag in more carefully.  

They don't package sugar just to grant me grace I guess.

Ah well.  Such is life.  

At  least I still have a gallon of maraschino cherries!




Shauna said...

Chocolate covered cherries are such fun to make - a little time consuming, but I'm sure you'll have plenty of willing helping hands! I wish I could find cherries in a gallon sized jar, much easier to carry than all those little ones!

Diane said...

wow...too bad you lost all that sugar. Post pics of your cherry creations when you make them!