Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What the COLD looks like here

When I asked,
the girls assured me that they weren't cooking their babies,
but making warm beds for them.

Doesn't the garden look great?

And check out these icicles!!

Proof that he works when he's home ;-)

This is "the office" when it's not the guest cabin.

My boys scouted out a Christmas tree on our own property.
When they found the perfect one, they shoveled a path to it so I could come see it.

And the tree-cutter.

 Stay tuned for the tree setting-up episode!


J said...

Loving the shorts in the snow. And you might tell the girls that CLOTHES are usually a good way to warm up those nakey babies...tee hee hee...don't you love how children can stay out until they turn into popsicles and still not want to come in? looks like a lot of fun! no snow to speak of here just yet...throw a snowball to us! love,

The Zimmerman Family said...

Wow, ya'll have more snow than we do up in Alaska! : ) We've got about a foot or so on the ground so far. Although, it warmed up and rained a little bit before Thanksgiving, so I'm sure that packed it down some. : )

What's up with the short in the snow? It looks very Alaskan. I remember during my first winter up here, it was about -10 out. We were filling up at a gas station in Anchorage, and I looked over to see a guy wearing Bermuda shorts and a T-shirt! I have no clue what's up with that! I think Alaskan teenagers think it's cool to go around in a T-shirt in sub-zero temperatures. :D

0 degrees this morning!

Momma Bug said...

He's not supposed to wear those outside regardless the temperature - just wait until your guys are a tiny bit bigger. It's impossible to keep even one pair of jeans without holes, and just one pair of bottoms that are clean for IN the house!
That said, it does look like hes' acclimating quickly :-D And he started shoveling that path of his own volition so I decided to turn a blind eye to the shorts that day.

Jana said...

Oh, Analene, I just caught up on your blog, and it was such fun. Loving the winter pictures! I need to get some up of our place. It looks very familiar. My little ones aren't quite as adventurous in the snow as yours...not yet, at least. :) Though E did get her first snow adventure last week...with great glee! She road all the way from our house down to the meeting house on her birthday sled! I watched comfortably from the kitchen window with hot tea & a cupcake. We both had a fabulous time. Anyhoo...wanted to share an eczema link with you. Don't know if Bryce is still dealing with it, but if so, this looks very helpful! I seem to be getting it myself! I've got it in my elbows and behind my knees. It seems my body is a tad allergic to babies! Did anything end up curing your little man that I should know about? Happy Snow Days!


Jana said...

Yep, I forgot to share that link...


Momma Bug said...

I am still trying to get a phone call in. I really miss you guys and want to meet baby L before she is toddling!
Thanks for the links, I'll check them out. I haven't had any luck with anything for Bryce. His eczema ebbs and flows, but he's been scratching a lot lately again.
I'm sorry to hear that you struggle with it too! What a bummer.
I'll get to that call soon.
Love you,

outdoor.mom said...

just gorgeous pics!! really really sweet :-) you must have an incredible camera to capture such beautiful shots. What does your husband do with the head set?

Momma Bug said...

That head set is his solution for quiet phone conferences and meetings although he does look a bit like an airplane pilot!