Monday, November 1, 2010

Thank you for missing me!

Your comments always make my heart go pitter-pat:-)  I have thought of every one of you!
Jennifer... tell me really,  did you have time or energy for making coffee?  I would have loved to share a cup, but now you'll just have to come to Idaho.  I did have the very great pleasure of spending a few hours at the Home of the Petersonclan and am thrilled to say that Mr. Peterson allowed me to graduate from "fake" friend to "real" friend!  I had Mrs Peterson's friend-ish loyalty all along but that's getting ahead of myself!

Day 5  we spent together at the big REI in downtown Denver, then walked around town and got lunch.  No pictures.  Just imagine a momma and daddy with a parade of children in tow - that should suffice.

Day 6  we traveled across Kansas.  Driving through that state is a two-handed job because of all the gusty wind!  I sure enjoyed the corn fields, and while Kansas was was by no means lacking in the roadkill department, there was a sad shortage of Fall color.
Here is a Kansas Corn field passing through.  I guess a ripe corn field is harvesty and Fallish even if not especially colorful.

(And hey precious Darlin' O mine, the picture posted.  I love you the best!  -me)