Monday, November 15, 2010

Rain-Rain DON'T Go Away... *pretty please?*

 April Showers
Beautiful gray day with rain!

So MUCH can be accomplished in the watery-wet, but it's a matter of perspective.  

Snow I really don't know personally.  We are friends only lightly at present - more like acquaintances.  

I met it with pleasure through a large picture window in Colorado, 
when the indoor temperature was regulated by a thermostat.
And then again with a smile and a nod as I exited my van from a dry garage 
and pulled onto a snow plowed city street.

I loved it once upon a time as one loves a distant second cousin
which you meet only once every several years -
that was when my dad faithfully took mom and me, and my other siblings 
to cut the annual Christmas tree in COLD, wet, hard Sierra Nevada snow.

But this...
This will be an experience with snow that either makes me know and love it,
or have met it and not been sorry to see it go... in the Spring.

But I am going to live with it, so I determine to love it.
The End.

This snow will keep me in short, dark, days which feel long (I think).
Indoors with 6 active children.
And for the present, I will be thankful for one Ron.
The-Toilet-guy who says he'll come clean my outhouse...
...even in the snow (assuming he can get up here),
because it looks like I'll have the chance to use my outdoor commode in less than desirable weather.

And so
My ode to rain.

All weekend while my favorite man was home, the Lord graciously held off the snow
(which I expect to arrive at any moment).
That meant that AJ provided wood to fill our new woodshed.  
3 cords are stacked neatly under shelter, and 3 more await two hard-working boys.
AJ also dug the trench and mulch pit for our composting toilet 
- it's not in service yet, but one big baby-step closer to done!

Besides those two things (which took quite a lot of time), Dad took his big fellas deer hunting.  
This was quite a hike in the cold, but thankfully again, not through snow.  
It was a long-awaited "first" for our boys and while they returned home with little more than cold noses and animating stories, it was a half day of time used well.  
It IS called "hunting" after all.
I was so glad they went.  
They DID it!

One might wonder at the warm welcome I sing to a rainy gray day, 
but it's one more day for last-minute Holiday errands.
One more chance to get the last firewood under cover.
One more day I don't have to worry about getting to the outhouse in snow.

I don't really know what that will look like logistically, 
but I'll be sure to let you know when experience fills me in.
I hope we can tramp a through for a while.  
Then there could be an icy path?  Might have to move our tramp.
I suspect there could even be boys shoveling a path.
Thank you LORD for boys!

I'm serious.
This would be a very different tune if it were me back in the days of 4, 5 and under. 
6 under 10 is another matter entirely!  
Between keeping my fire going and digging paths through the snow to my outhouse 
(notice I refer to it as mine?)... 
I think they will be earning manly privileges of hot chocolate or tea in the middle of the day.
Maybe NO on the coffee yet.  We DO have to spend quite a bit of time cooped up indoors together ;-)

So today... rain.
Tomorrow?  Who knows.
But I'm pretty certain that when the snow arrives,
we'll be in love.

...At least for a while...



Morgan said...

So, is 6 under 10 really easier than 4 5 and under? :)

Enjoy the snow!

Momma Bug said...

Are you giving it serious consideration ;-)

Lady Jess said...

Thanks for sharing, Momma Bug. I love rainy days! I have only met your distant snowy cousin two or three times in my life. I do wish we were more acquainted, though. She is a delight. :) Praying that your outhouse will soon be put into retirement and you can have indoor-house. ;) ((hugs))

Shauna said...

I too am rejoicing over a long autumn and delay of the arrival of white. I'll be praying for you as you face your first "real" winter. I may not love the cold stuff as well as my dear fellow does, but we are becoming better aquainted (mostly due to the fact that there is so much for so long). What is the snow like in Idaho? I loved that California snow could always be counted upon to have enough moisture for snowmen, and though I miss that here, it's also nice to send the kids out to play and not come in a sodden mess. It's amazing to me how dry snow can be!

Momma Bug said...

I think the snow here is the wet kind, but I'll let you know.
Colorado was my first introduction to dry snow, and until then I couldn't understand what possible good a snow blower could do!
You're right about snow men though, and Clay has a sled he found at Good Will and can hardly wait for that white stuff!

Tiffany said...

I feel the same about rain but in completely different its rare but when it comes its a sweet relief from the horrific heat! I relish those days where it rains for days on end and the streets are flooding because it's one more day without the heat and one more day of rain means that humidity is pushed back ever so slightly! P.S. I want to move up north because of the scorching heat...and the never getting rain thing

Momma Bug said...

Rain is pretty wonderful if you don't have to be outside working in it.
I love a warm-ish rain in the Summer and I like the cool rains of Fall and Spring too!

The Zimmerman Family said...

Ah, we've had snow covering everything for nearly 3 weeks now! But, of course, our potty is inside. But, our half-mile driveway is still ungraveled, and - until we get new tires on the plow truck - unplowed. But, since we've only had about 6 inches so far, we can get our car down it just fine ... for now. : )

Sounds like fun! I look forward to hearing of your snowy outhouse adventures. ;D